‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Opens Up About His Favorite Snowy Pastime

by Joe Rutland

There is little doubt that Yellowstone star Kevin Costner loves being out in the snow. He did find time to share about his pastime.

Costner, who plays John Dutton on the Taylor Sheridan-created Western drama, offered his thoughts on taking rips in the snow to Hear Here.

Let’s just take a look and listen to Costner talk about it. He begins by sharing about creating five luge runs at his place in the Aspen area.

That’s some pretty impressive stuff right there from Costner.

Heck, he’s going to need some time to go down those luge runs after finishing up Season 4 on Yellowstone.

John Dutton has a lot on his mind, whether it is his daughter Beth Dutton, her husband Rip Wheeler, or even now-imprisoned Summer Higgins.

For those Yellowstone fans in need of a fix, either check when the reruns will air on the Paramount Network. Also, you could check out the prequel 1883 starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Offers Praise For Garrett Actor Will Patton

If you have seen the Season 4 finale of Yellowstone, then you know about a confrontation between Garrett, the biological father of Jamie Dutton, and Jamie himself.

Will Patton plays Garrett; Wes Bentley plays Jamie.

(Spoiler Alert! We’re going to mention the season finale right here.)

So, Jamie goes out and starts talking with Garrett. Ultimately, the biological son pulls out a handgun and kills his biological father.

Yet there was a scene involving both John and Garrett previously at a local diner. We ended up learning that they had not seen one another since a judge sentenced Garrett to life in prison. This conversation quickly turns interesting when Garrett accuses John of not telling the judge the full truth about what Jamie’s mother “had become.”

John quickly retorts that Garrett turned Jamie’s mother into a drug addict and “killed her for it.” There was little love lost between them 30 years later, even after John raised Garrett’s son for him.

It’s evident that John and Garrett really hated one another.

But Costner and Will Patton have huge respect for one another. In a recent Twitter clip called Behind the StoryCostner talked about working with Patton on set.

“It was good to see Will on the set,” Costner says. “He’s just a fantastic actor and brings so much. He’s very dynamic in his own way, formidable and detailed.”

Obviously, Patton is no longer going to be on Yellowstone unless it comes from a flashback scene. Season 5 cannot start soon enough for some of us Outsiders.