‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Sends Love to Those Affected by Winter Storms

by Charles Craighill

As subarctic temperatures sweep across the interior of the United States, millions of Americans remain without power. Particularly in states like Texas where they typically do not experience winter storms of this caliber. In response to the chaos, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner sent a heartfelt message to all citizens in danger at this time. Check out his Instagram story here.

“Thinking about those of you impacted by the storms,” Kevin Costner said on his Instagram story. “Stay safe out there!”

He also linked an Instagram post regarding staying safe in the crazy winter storms. The post linked comes from the Dallas News and notes several key tips for survival in hypothermic conditions. All of this information will prove extremely helpful to those in danger during these unprecedented weather patterns.

How to Weather the Winter Storms

As the Dallas News reports, hospitals in the area have seen a major increase in patients due to carbon monoxide poisoning and hypothermia as citizens struggle to stay warm. Many Texans have never even seen snow, let alone dealt with subarctic temperatures and power outages to this degree. With that in mind, these issues simply come from lack of preparation and awareness.

“Harsh winter conditions and resulting power outages have led many across North Texas looking for heat alternatives,” Dallas News warns about these winter storms. “The search has proven to be dangerous.”

“Doctors and spokespeople at hospitals around the region have said they’re seeing cases of hypothermia,” Dallas News continues. “All due to freezing temperatures and cases of carbon monoxide poisoning due to people trying to find warmth. In Fort Worth, 13 children had been treated for carbon monoxide poisoning as of Tuesday. Down in Houston, more than 200 such cases had been reported in Harris County.”

As Dr. Glenn Hardesty, an emergency medicine physician, notes, “It’s not in the culture here” in Texas. Hopefully, leadership in Texas can figure out how to get power back to its citizens so they don’t resort to dangerous solutions. Use the above tips and guidelines to stay safe through these vicious winter storms.