‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Speaks on John Dutton’s ‘Disappointment’ With Beth

by Leanne Stahulak

One of the most heartbreaking scenes from the latest episode of “Yellowstone” involved Beth and her father John Dutton, who said the words no child ever wants to hear.

WARNING: “Yellowstone” Season 4 spoilers below!

For the first time in four seasons of “Yellowstone,” we saw John tell Beth that he’s disappointed in her. That’s tough enough for any kid (even an adult kid) to hear from their parents. But John really sucker-punched Beth when he also kicked her out of his house.

Just a few episodes ago, John basically begged Beth and Rip to move in with him. But Beth’s dirty tactics when fighting Market Equities fueled an anger in John we haven’t seen lately. Beth landed Summer Higgins in jail with a potential life sentence. And John doesn’t appreciate how callously and ruthlessly Beth uses “collateral” like Summer to get what she wants.

In a recent “Yellowstone” clip called “Behind the Story,” the stars who play Beth and John on the show opened up about this emotional scene. “So Beth fights dirty. And of course, her father doesn’t like that. So she comes up against him,” Kelly Reilly, the actress who plays Beth, said. “As long as she can protect her father and the ranch she doesn’t — she says it– ‘I don’t care.'”

Kevin Costner, who plays John, added, “I voice a level of disappointment with her. Which is terrible for her to hear.” But he adds, “I find it was important that I say it to her.”

Sometimes those tough messages don’t get across unless you’re loud and clear. But Beth sure heard this one on “Yellowstone.”

“It’s a really difficult moment for her, that rejection,” Reilly said. “Because she’s doing it all for him. It just touches her, the most vulnerable, weakest spot in her and it’s just so painful.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Talks ‘Difficult Moment’ With Ryan Bingham

Right after the scene above on “Yellowstone” where John kicks Beth out, she goes and finds a place to cry. But Beth reveals that she can’t really cry for herself, so when she runs into Walker (Ryan Bingham), she asks him to sing a sad song for her. And she let out all of that heartbreak and emotion.

In the “Yellowstone” clip “Behind the Story,” Kelly Reilly opened up about shooting that scene with Bingham and what it meant for Beth.

“It was a difficult moment to shoot,” Reilly said. “To have that moment with him. She couldn’t share that moment of grief with Rip. It’s almost like she doesn’t want Rip to see that.’

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) is Beth’s fiancé on the show. He witnesses the moment between Beth and Walker, and fans wonder if it will negatively impact the couple’s relationship. But according to Reilly, Beth needed it to be Walker.

“For her to truly go there, for her to truly feel it, has to be with someone who’s experienced it and could allow space there for it,” Reilly explained.

We’ll see the aftermath of this emotional scene on next week’s “Yellowstone” finale, airing on the Paramount Network on Jan. 2, 2022.