‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Won’t Let a Little Snow Get in the Way of His Ranch Life

by Jon D. B.

“Let’s all be kind to one another — you deserve kindness and respect, as do all the people around you,” says Yellowstone‘s Mo Brings Plenty amidst his snowy ranch life.

Few radiate the genuine kindness of Mo Brings Plenty, and his snow-laden New Year wish to all personifies this.

“Happy New Year, friends and relatives!” the Yellowstone star begins in his latest Instagram post. “May 2022 bring you comfort, joy, happiness, and peace. Let’s all be kind to one another — you deserve kindness and respect, as do all the people around you.”

Within, Mo is hard at work in his “#ranchlife” as he moves hay bails with his tractor. Indeed, there’s no stopping a rancher’s work – not even for a snowstorm.

“Happy 2022 Mo!” his co-star, Finn Little, replies on Mo’s official Instagram. Many fellow Yellowstone fans are also wishing Mo the same.

“Happy New Year! Wishing you & yours lots of Blessings, Happiness & Smiles,” replies Starla.

Brings Plenty harbors this same inclusiveness and openheartedness in his shepherding of Mo on Yellowstone, too. Speaking to NewsNation Now, the actor offers that “In society today, there’s a racial diversity, there’s a great movement for it. But we need to also incorporate the cultural diversity, which is going to be the savior of humanity.”

And for Taylor Sheridan’s inclusion of such ideals in Yellowstone, Brings Plenty is beyond appreciative.

Mo Brings Plenty on Hard Work, Representation, and Everything In-Between

“The representation of [cultural diversity] in front of the camera, it’s not just an important part, it’s the representation off-camera as well in everyday life,” Brings Plenty continues for the interview. “I try to incorporate it and put it into action. That’s the most important language in our culture’s movement. It’s the language of action. And so we really incorporate our language and action.”

Mo, who holds deep Lakota roots, was particularly taken aback by Yellowstone‘s handling of his people’s Hanbleceya tradition. For the last episodes of Season 4, both Mo and Thomas Rainwater guide Kayce Dutton through this spiritual journey, or vision quest.

“On that ride there for me emotionally, I was really going to that, what we consider a sacred place,” Brings Plenty offers in the show’s latest Behind the Story. “It’s spot on. There’s a true battle that goes on within us. That place is where we begin to find ourselves.”

“It’s one of the most arduous and challenging journeys that somebody can take,” Rainwater’s Gil Birmingham adds. “But there’s a purifying and a cleansing of stripping all your thoughts to be distilled down to the simplest form of who you actually are, who you really are, and that discovery can change your life.”