‘Yellowstone’ Star Rob Kirkland: ‘There’s Going to Be a Lot of Tension’ Between Sheriff Bill Ramsey & John Dutton

by Jim Casey

There’s a new sheriff in town. Actor Rob Kirkland made a memorable return to Yellowstone during Season 4, Episode 9, on December 26. Kirkland’s character, watch commander Bill Ramsey, previously only appeared once in the series (S2E9). But with the death of Sheriff Donnie Haskell (actor Hugh Dillon) the previous week (S4E8), Kirkland got the call from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan that Bill Ramsey was back. It’s a secret Kirkland has been keeping for about 15 months.

While Ramsey was tagged with “interim sheriff” during the episode, it sounds like that was just a formality. Ramsey’s tense meeting with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton (regarding the arrest of Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins) set the stage for what could be a serious clash going forward. Unlike Sheriff Donnie Haskell, Sheriff Bill Ramsey won’t be in Dutton’s “hip pocket,” so to speak.

During a sit-down interview with Outsider, Kirkland revealed that Bill Ramsey is indeed the new sheriff going forward—and that he and John Dutton are on a collision course. And by the way, you can also catch Rob Kirkland in action as Captain Walter on Taylor Sheridan’s Mayor of Kingstown.

Rob Kirkland: New Sheriff in Town

“People that are fans of John Dutton might not be fans of Bill Ramsey come Season 5,” says Rob Kirkland to Outsider. “So yeah, there’s some stuff that Taylor has told me, which obviously I’ve got to keep close to the vest, but I can say, I am the sheriff, and I can say that that Bill is not your friend. Bill ain’t your friend.

“And he’s putting the pieces together, even in that scene. And he already knows some things. So, he didn’t really want the job, that’s how I took it. You know what I mean? Because he knows what it entails and he knows that’s going to put him right here [at fists] with John. He’s already someone who has lost enough in life, and he’s doing enough, but he doesn’t want to have this fight with the Duttons. But he feels he’s the man that Yellowstone needs. So, it’s going to be exciting.

“Get ready. I hope he lives, I hope he survives. I kept so many secrets so far, but there’s a lot. There’s going to be a lot of tension and a lot between Ramsey and John next year, for sure.”