‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Speaks on ‘Freedom’ He Has With Show’s Music

by Courtney Blackann

Walker finds himself once again at the Dutton ranch during “Yellowstone” season four. The moody cowboy accepts himself as a part of the ruthless Bunkhouse Boys after he proves his loyalty to Rip and Kayce. However, Walker’s guitar is never too far away and he brings a plethora of music to the show. And because actor Ryan Bingham is actually a talented musician, Taylor Sheridan gives him a lot of freedom with music on the set.

In an interview with Jefferson White on the Yellowstone Official Podcast, Bingham opens up about the process of creating new music for the series. Typically, Walker’s music is as melancholy as he is. His life is a series of tragedies and he says he’s an “expert” on death. But Bingham says that Sheridan will give him some direction on the vibe of what he wants and then lets Bingham take it from there.

“I’d get on set and it would sink in the reality of what’s going on and the mood of what your guys’ characters are going through and what I’m feeling right now. And I could take that to Taylor and say, ‘You know, what do you think about this?’ I think that makes it a little more fun, a bit more creative, you know, like you can at least try it.”

Further, Bingham says that Sheridan will give him a thumbs up or thumbs down and they’ll discuss from there what they’re trying to bring to the scene. The “Yellowstone” actor says it’s definitely different from when he’s performing on stage and has a setlist. Though he remarks that depending on the crowd, sometimes the setlist goes ‘out the window.’

‘Yellowstone’ Latest Walker Drama

The “Yellowstone” actor additionally says how much fun the process is and he’s grateful that Sheridan gives him so much freedom to be creative and bring his own unique sound to the set.

In the latest episode of the western series, Walker is using his music to console a broken Beth. The moment is giving fans the impression that Beth’s relationship with Walker may not be over so quickly. Rip watches from afar as Walker plays a sad tune as Beth wipes tears from her eyes.

The interaction is definitely a hint that Walker may play a larger role in Beth’s life than we all thought. The two previously had a momentary intimate relationship which contributed to Rip’s disapproval of the wayward cowboy.

The season finale of “Yellowstone” airs this evening on Paramount Network. The two-hour special will conclude the series’ fourth season with a lot of drama headed our way. And while it feels too soon for the season to end, there’s sure to be some epic cliffhangers until next season.