‘Yellowstone’ Star Says His Character Will Be Watching Tonight From ‘Cowboy Heaven’

by Jon D. B.

One Yellowstone icon “will be watching from cowboy heaven” Sunday night as Season 4 premieres, finally continuing the Dutton legacy.

The time is here, Yellowstone fans! Season 4 is upon us, and with it comes heaps of revelations, curveballs, and everything in-between. That doesn’t mean we can or should forget about the past, however. Which is exactly why there’s still so much love for previous series actor Dave Annable.

So who’s that cowboy in the sky looking down on Yellowstone’s return? Fans will know from the name above that it is none other than Lee Dutton, the eldest Dutton sibling.

Lee died in Season 1’s earliest throws far before his time, but his death set up a tremendous amount of the dysfunction and drama we’ve come to love. Yet no amount of fan wishing can bring him back. Unless we get a few flashbacks, that is. In the meantime, Annable is hyping up Season 4 over on his official Instagram, as he’s very much still a Dutton at heart.

“Who’s ready?!??? Season 4 premiere is tonight!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!! Lee Dutton will be watching from cowboy heaven. They have great jerky up here,” the actor posts Sunday.

Yellowstone fan Carlita cuts right to it, too, putting it in simpler words: “Always wish we had more of your character.”

“I wish you’d come back from heaven,” follower Michelle echoes. Wendy feels the same with: “One of my favorite shows!!! Wish you would’ve been on it longer!”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Lose Another Dutton Sibling

Although Lee’s presence is missed, fans know they can count on no one surviving in Yellowstone‘s world. This is exactly why stress is paramount as the new season begins. Concern is rampant, but there’s one fan favorite that will have audiences rioting in the streets if they go.

Surely you guessed it: tha’d be Dutton daughter, Beth. Indeed, Beth Dutton has become as iconic as Yellowstone itself. Kelly Reilly’s brilliant portrayal has earned her a fierce following, and fans are not ready for her death. As impossible as her survival seems, it is the only option for slews of fans ahead of Season 4’s events.

“Beth MUST live!!” emphasizes Redditor andrealschultz1, to which another Yellowstone fan replies “Yes please please please please please…”

But some fans are even going as far as to say there is “no Yellowstone” without Beth. At all! Genuinely, though, this checks out, as Beth has become the soul of the show in a way that Rip, Kayce, and even Kevin Costner’s patriarch can’t be.

“I’M SO ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FATE OF BETH. Its literally the difference between me continuing to watch the show or considering walking away,” comments female_gazing09.

“I agree. No Beth, no show for me,” responds Jalynt13. “Beth has to be okay omg, otherwise I’m done,” another Yellowstone fan adds. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In short: If Beth Dutton dies young like her older brother, Lee, Yellowstone may be facing an audience shortage.