‘Yellowstone’ Star Teases Barn Being ‘Safest Place’ on Dutton Ranch

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Finn Little is imparting some key wisdom based on last night’s action-packed episode, titled “I Want To Be Him.”

We only saw Little’s character, Carter, for a few minutes last night. He spent some quality time with Lloyd in the barn, where the old ranchhand taught him how to rope. The two really seem to have grown closer in the last few episodes. Although, at the end of this scene, the two don’t part on the best of terms.

And the next time Carter sees Lloyd, he’s getting the crap beaten out of him by Rip and Walker. So, Carter might feel a little iffy about his role model at the moment. If anything, it only solidifies his belief that he wants to be more like John, who runs the whole joint. The episode title literally comes out of Carter’s mouth at the end of the episode.

But one other thing the “Yellowstone” star is set on: The barn is the only safe place in last night’s episode. Finn Little shared a photo of him and Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd, to his Twitter page earlier. Little captioned the post, “The barn might be the safest place to be tonight.”

Lots of Places To Call ‘Unsafe’ From Last Night’s ‘Yellowstone’ Episode

Little raises a good point. The barn might be the only location from last night’s “Yellowstone” episode where someone didn’t pull a weapon on someone else.

If you’ll recall, we kicked off with Beth Dutton and Summer Higgins threatening each other in the Dutton Ranch kitchen. Beth wielded a knife, while Summer countered with a carton of milk. Luckily, no one got physically injured during this altercation. Though Summer’s likely still recovering from Beth’s razor-sharp tongue.

Fast forward to the bunkhouse, where Lloyd pulled a knife on Walker and stabbed him with it. The rest of the bunkhouse boys then tried to restrain Lloyd while also keeping Walker from dying. So, the bunkhouse is also not quite the safest place to be.

After the knife incident, the boys showed up at Rip’s house. Rip, not knowing who was approaching his home with Beth, came at them with a rifle or shotgun until he realized it was the other cowboys.

We also saw Jamie pull a gun on his father, Garrett Randall, at the house they share together. Jamie wanted to confront Garrett about ordering the hit on the Dutton family last season. But Garrett managed to talk his way around things and convince Jamie he did it for his son. Garrett ended up taking the gun from Jamie as the two hugged it out.

And poor Jimmy, while not getting threatened by anyone at the Four-Sixes, did experience a wallop of pain from being on horseback all day. Out of all the situations and locations from last night’s “Yellowstone” episode, looks like the barn is the best choice.