‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Explains How Jamie’s ‘Desperation Overrides’ Fear of Garrett Randall’s Past

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone Season 4 is upon us, and Jamie Dutton star West Bentley is giving fans as much as he can without spoiling what’s in store. Speaking to Channel Guide Magazine ahead of the premiere, Bentley delves deep into his troubled character, and the even more troubled biological father driving his story forward.

Actor Will Patton‘s upping to a series regular means big things are in store for his Garrett Randall. The convicted murderer has been absent from Jamie’s entire life after killing his addict of a mother. But in Season 3, Randall would re-enter the adopted Dutton’s life with a vengeance. All it took was Jamie discovering his roots, and the tattered tapestry of his true ancestry would unravel with fervor.

Addressing this directly, Wes Bentley dishes on his character’s father’s notion that “killing” is the “only gift” a Randall possesses. In the Yellowstone actor’s eyes, is Jamie Dutton truly a Randall? Or was he already heading down this path as a Dutton proper?

In short: Yes. To both.

Bentley gives a “yeah” to this assertion for Channel Guide. “But he’s also a member of the Dutton family and is very aware of, and has participated in, the violence there.”

As a result, such violence (i.e. Jamie murdering reporter Sarah Nguyen) is “not as daunting to a person like Jamie, although I do believe Jamie believes in the rule of law,” Bentley continues.

It is possible, after all, for men who perceive themselves as “moral” to commit horrible crimes. Which is exactly where the Yellowstone actor believes his character is heading into Season 4. This same mentality applies to his biological father, too.

‘Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Hints at Jamie Dutton’s ‘Desperation’

Despite committing a murder of his own, Jamie still sees Garrett Randall as an enigma, Bentley says.

“I believe Jamie believes this man is wrong for what he did in a sense. I think he also sees the layers underneath,” he adds, eluding to Jamie’s confliction over this new father figure.

But at the heart of it all, Jamie’s “desperation overrides all of that,” the actor continues. “Jamie really essentially is alone anyway, and he’s looking for just a little bit of a connection with someone who might love him.”

Is this justification for seeking such a bond in Garrett Randall? Absolutely not. But again, some men will do anything to feel loved.

As Season 4’s trailers have already shown us, Randall isn’t out to be redeemed, either. When Jamie asks his biological father “What about right or wrong?” the man simply replies: “There’s no such thing.”

Call us crazy, but that doesn’t exactly sound like someone looking to make their son see the goodness in them. Instead, it speaks volumes about the hell Garrett Randall is looking to reign down on the Duttons throughout Yellowstone‘s future.