‘Yellowstone’ Stars Discuss How a Relationship Between Colby and Teeter Would Work

by Thad Mitchell

Though far from a romance novel, the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has a couple of very nice “love” stories.

There is Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton, who are probably “Yellowstone’s” power couple. You have Kayce and Monica Dutton and their up and down relationship that seems to be on the upswing at the moment. You even have the drama of a love triangle with ranch hands Lloyd and Walker fighting over buckle bunny Laramie.

Last season we saw the emergence of a new “Yellowstone” couple with ranch hands Colby and Teeter falling for each other. We’ve not seen a lot of romantic scenes between the two but obviously, there is a ton of chemistry. A big wrench was thrown into this budding romance recently with Rip Wheeler kicking females out of the bunkhouse. This includes Teeter, despite the fact she is a fine cowgirl and loyal to “Yellowstone” Ranch.

In the most recent edition of “Tales From The Bunkhouse,” the guys discuss the future of Colby and Teeter’s relationship. Denim Richards (Colby), Ian Bohen (Ryan) and Jefferson White even play a little game of “Colby or Teeter” on the “Yellowstone” recap show.

The bunkhouse crew discusses the possibility of Colby and Teeter moving in together and who would do what chores in this scenario. It’s quite hilarious to hear the actors joke around with each other as they hat inside the actual “Yellowstone” bunkhouse.

“Teeter or Colby — who does the cooking?” White asks his bunkhouse buddies.

“Obviously Teeter,” Bohen chimes in. “You (Richards) Talk about cooking a lot, but I haven’t seen any.”

Richards draws a big laugh when he declares that Colby likes the lights to be off when he cooks.

“Colby is really more of a night cooker,” he says. “He likes the lights out.”

‘Yellowstone’ Future in Doubt For Colby and Teeter

Arriving on the scene in the previous season, Teeter immediately had eyes for Colby, but he didn’t feel the same. It wasn’t until Wade and Clint Morrow nearly trampled them to death that Coby realized his feeling for Teeter. They share their first kiss while standing in the same creek where they nearly lost their lives.

The two ranch hands then earn their “Yellowstone” brand by participating in the murder of the Morrows. It was a touching moment to see Colby and Teeter get their brands after joining together.

Now, Teeter is the victim of the sins of another as she’s been banished from the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse by Rip Wheeler. She, Laramie and Mia are kicked out of the bunkhouse due to Laramie’s troublemaking.

It is likely we’ve not seen the last of Teeter and her dismissal from the bunkhouse will likely come back into play before the season is over. It is hard to imagine that Colby won’t be upset with this situation.