‘Yellowstone’ Stars Talk ‘Battle for Jamie’s Soul’ in John Dutton-Garrett Randall Showdown

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Yellowstone we have seen a lot of Jefferson White’s character Jimmy. White has been great in behind-the-scenes promos.

While it isn’t about his character specifically, Jefferson thinks that the addition of Garrett Randall to the show makes things very interesting. It appears Jamie will be torn between his father or the man that raised him, John Dutton. So, what does White think about the situation?

“I think this is the first time we’ve seen John Dutton and Garrett come face to face in this diner this time,” the actor said. “And that’s amazing because it sort of feels like Jamie’s two father’s effectively. These two guys who have found themselves on opposite ends, this sort of battle for Jamie’s soul. John Dutton was involved in Garrett going to jail all those years ago. They have this huge history that’s just been stewing for years and years and years.”

Time and time again the Yellowstone actor seems to be the most passionate in the cast. When he starts talking about the show, you can hear the excitement in his voice and see it on his face. That makes these Stories from the Bunkhouse episodes so much fun.

His take about Jamie Dutton is 100% correct. When he is faced with his biological father and the side of things that he tells, will he be so loyal to the Duttons? Or, will he be tempted by Garrett?

John Dutton-Garrett Randall Diner Showdown

John Dutton likes his routines. He likes to be able to go to the diner, get his favorite meal, and have a fine time while doing it. However, Sunday showed that not even his diner is safe from issues. As he sat down for his dinner, Dutton looked over his shoulder to see Garrett Randall, played by Will Patton.

Now, nothing serious really happened here. With that said, I have a feeling that there will be a confrontation before long. That’s just how things go on Yellowstone. When John steps away from the situation, he clearly has thoughts running through his head.

Perhaps Jamie is going to have a long conversation with John soon. It is likely he will talk to his biological father as well in the near future. It is going to take time for that relationship to smooth over.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Getting Tired of One Character?

This past episode revealed a few important things for the season. We saw the diner moment with John and Garrett. The big moment between Rip and Carter. However, it reminded some fans that they do not like one character. That would be Beth Dutton.

One fan made a Reddit post titled, “Why I think Beth is the most annoying and repetitive character. MY OPINION.” However, there was more than one viewer in agreement. The daughter of John Dutton has a few fans that just aren’t… well, fans.