‘Yellowstone’ Takes Fans Behind-the-Scenes with Chef ‘Gator’ Gabe

by John Jamison

Yellowstone fans know Chef Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau’s work well. His meals always look incredibly mouthwatering whenever the Duttons gather ’round the table. Which, admittedly, isn’t all that often. But more exciting than his on-screen meals are his appearances. The Dutton family personal chef is in charge of catering on the set of the hit series.

And it’s safe to say his cooking is one of the highlights of a day of filming on Yellowstone. The show’s official Instagram account shared a video that takes fans behind the scenes of a day in the life of Chef Gabe as the man in charge of craft services.

The cast has had plenty to say about Gator’s contribution to Yellowstone over the years. Forget the fact that he’s multi-talented, appearing in six episodes of the show since it began; he may just be the glue that holds the series together.

“Anybody on the crew, anybody in the cast, can’t talk about this show for five minutes without mentioning Gator,” said Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White. “No matter where we are, we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, no cell service, freezing cold, and Gator will pull up with a big tub of gumbo and etouffee…It gets us through those really long nights.”

If his name wasn’t a dead giveaway, Chef Guilbeau is a New Orleans product. And boy, there’s hardly a better place to go for food in the entire country. It’s no wonder the cast and crew rave about his work.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans React Hilariously to Uneaten Meals on Show

Rest assured, the majority of the food pictured on Yellowstone gets eaten one way or another. While Gator routinely cooks enough to satisfy a family of 12, the Duttons only ever seem to have a few people eating at once.

Of course, fans have had plenty to say about the ridiculous amounts of food. Leave it to Reddit to ask the questions all of us never put into words.

“Can someone eat what Gator makes? Please? He goes through all that trouble every day,” one fan writes.

“RIGHT!?? As a cook, it makes me so sad whenever they don’t eat what he makes! Like, do you understand the trouble he went through!?? At least send it down to the bunkhouse!” another adds.

And plenty has been made of John Dutton’s new money-making endeavor by putting Travis (Taylor Sheridan) on the road. But maybe they wouldn’t have to if they simply scaled back Gator’s cooking.

“The ranch might turn a profit if they didn’t make Gator cook a full buffet for 3 people every meal,” another fan joked.

If Gator’s meals and the other recent developments on Taylor Sheridan’s hit show interest you, be sure to check out Outsider’s very own Yellowstone podcast, Bunkhouse Breakdown.