‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Has Several Other Shows in the Works

by Madison Miller

It’s likely that if you clicked on this article you know Taylor Sheridan mostly for his work on creating the hit drama series, “Yellowstone.” The massively popular series stars Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, and is currently on season four as of now.

Not only that, but Sheridan is also digging even deeper in this dramatic “Yellowstone” world. He recently created a prequel series to “Yellowstone” called “1883.” This follows the Duttons as they journey through the Great Plains to seek a new future in Montana. Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, and Tim McGraw star in the series.

The first episode of this series premiered on December 19.

Beyond the world of cowboys, ranches, and drama, Sheridan has his hands full with several other projects as well.

Other Projects for ‘Yellowstone’ Creator

He will be doing another drama series called “Bass Reeves.” Sheridan has recently secured Pat Charles as showrunner for this. Charles is most known for his work on series like”Black Lightning,” “Iron Fist,” and “Bones.”

As of right now, it’s unclear who will play that title role. According to Deadline, Sheridan and Charles have apparently zeroed in on a big Hollywood star to appear in the series. The series will be based on the greatest Black lawman to live in the 1800s.

Also coming out soon will be “Lioness.” This is also a drama series that focuses on an undercover female operative program. The women within this group are sent to deal with happenings like drug cartels or even the war in Afghanistan. Similar to “Bass Reeves,” the cast is not entirely public as of now. Tom Brady, known for “NOS4A2” and “Hell on Wheels,” (not throwing a football around) will be the showrunner with Sheridan. The “Yellowstone” creator has already written the first two episodes.

Taylor Sheridan Even More Projects

The list doesn’t even end there for Taylor Sheridan. Call the “Yellowstone” creator a bit of an overachiever, if you will.

He will also be creating “Land Man,” which is going to be inspired by the very popular podcast called “Boomtown.” This podcast focuses on the oil boom that is in the Permian Basin within West Texas. If you listen to the podcast, you’re greeted by riveting stories full of roughnecks at the center of it all. Sheridan is expected to write the pilot, at least, for this show.

On top of all that, Sheridan and the rest of the crew will start production for the fifth season of “Yellowstone” in May. He is also working on “Mayor of Kingstown” and “1883,” both of which will have 10-episode second seasons coming up. “Mayor of Kingstown” is his drama series starring Hollywood icon Jeremy Renner. His character is trying to seek justice and peace in a town completely dominated by the prison system.

As it turns out, Taylor Sheridan sure has wrangled up a lot of work for himself.