Is ‘Yellowstone’ Teeing Up Rip Wheeler’s Season 4 Finale Death?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fans have long been debating the death of Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. But is the Season 4 finale finally set to deliver?

Diehard fans (with a good sense of humor) are discussing exactly this over on Reddit’s Yellowstone board ahead of Sunday. We’d warn you of spoilers ahead, but everything is hypothetical. One Redditor cutting straight to the chase with their original post, titled: “Who will become ranch foreman when Rip dies in the finale Sunday night?”

To flesh out their forward prediction, the user adds: “I think Rip will have a confrontation with Jaime and Garrett, the normal shootout happens and Rip catches a hot rock in the belly and bleeds out driving back to the ranch. The killer will be…. Jaime’s baby mama.”

What a hot take. Yellowstone fans are all for the prediction, too. Or, they’re at least all for having fun with it.

“The new foreman will be a Foreman Grill, who is secretly a spy for Market Equities which is a shill company for dinosaurs trying to get their blood back from the earth using oil wells,” replies LluagorED with a sarcastic summary of Yellowstone as a whole.

Another user, however, says that the new foreman after Rip’s death will be “Carter of course. Teeter objects but nobody understands her, fortunately a few of the other hands grumble about it so John says ‘Fine, one hand of Texas Hold’em, winner gets the job.'”

Could Carter’s Introduction on ‘Yellowstone’ Have Foreshadowed Rip’s Death All Along?

We all know that Carter will be earning his keep for years to come (if he lasts that long himself), but has his introduction served as a circle-of-life type calling for Rip’s death? The fan-favorite character knows whole-heartedly that Carter is just like him. He tells multiple characters this throughout Season 4, including bossman John Dutton. Is Carter a reckoning of sorts for the grizzled ranch foreman who’s stretched his luck about as thin as luck will stretch?

It would certainly be beyond poetic to have Rip die while Carter is left behind to remind everyone of his legacy. But as one fan so aptly replies: “Rip ain’t dying. At least not before the last couple episodes of the series.”

And we’ve got to agree there. It feels highly unlikely that Yellowstone would move to kill off their most popular male character. Shock deaths like this do go a long way for storytelling, but they have a history of significantly damaging audience interest, too. In other words, it’s a gamble that isn’t worth taking.

But hey, stranger things have happened on the Yellowstone. And if Rip did die, one Redditor thinks “Kayce will come home I bet resulting in ol Monica going nuclear.”

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