‘Yellowstone’: The Connection You Missed Between Pre-Season Teaser & Major Finale Death

by Jennifer Shea

Was there a connection between a pre-season teaser and the death of Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) biological father (Will Patton) in the Season 4 finale? Yellowstone fans can’t seem to agree, but some think there might be.

In the teaser, according to fans, there was a silhouette in a creek and then a white hat floating down the creek with a pool of blood behind it. Was that a preview of Garrett Randall’s death? After all, he is sitting by the creek behind Jamie’s house when Jamie shoots him.

“Remember This Preview? We spent a lot of time trying to figure out whose hat was floating down the river,” one fan posted to Reddit, encouraging her fellow fans to share their theories on what that was all about.

Yellowstone Fans Debate Meaning of Teaser

But other fans quickly weighed in and pointed out one major catch: Walker (Ryan Bingham) is the only one who wears a white hat on the show. Randall’s hat is black.

“It’s walkers hat. Garrett’s was always black. It was a teaser making us think Lloyd was going to kill walker. Typical Sheridan,” another fan posted.

“Walker is the only one who wears a round Resistol white hat,” yet another fan agreed. “Everyone else has a squared-off Stetson. This looks a lot like Walker’s hat. Rip gave his word he would not fight him. Hope he kept it. Yellowstone is starting to look a lot like Survivor.”

Still, other fans insisted that Randall was in fact wearing a white hat when Jamie shot him. This triggered an argument with the fans who said Randall’s hat was black.

“I don’t remember this but wasn’t Garrett’s hat white?” one fan asked.

“And Jamie shot him by the creek,” another fan agreed. “And I think he killed that reporter near water too… I think she was a reporter(?) If you see Jamie coming up on you near creeks and river beds… keep away.”

Fans Conclude Teaser Was Just Misdirection

In the end, many Yellowstone fans seem to have decided the teaser was misdirection that meant nothing. And they hinted that their patience with such devices is wearing thin.

“It was just a hype ad to get all of us pondering the new season,” one fan concluded. “Same as the one during the day of horses running across an open field, then a lone horse dragging a guy by his ankles across the same field… They were both just meant to get us all psyched out about season 4 and had nothing to do with any episodes or actual scenes.”

“I forgot all about this promo … you’re right, what the heck? Actually, it makes me even more disappointed in this season remembering this,” another fan chimed in. “Personal theory – it meant nothing. Just an attention grab.”

“I think after this last season we can all agree this promo means nothing,” another fan summed up. “There are no theories to it.”

Whatever the meaning of the teaser, it looks like Jamie will be in hot water in Season 5. Now that Beth (Kelly Reilly) has all the blackmail material she’ll ever need on him, having snapped a picture of Jamie dumping his father’s body, Jamie can kiss his run for governor goodbye. And what will that mean for his relationship with his infant son? Distancing from the Duttons had been the only condition of seeing him.

It’s shaping up to be a consequential Season 5. And in the wait between seasons, you can expect fans to continue debating all the intricacies of the show.