‘Yellowstone’ TV Actor Tabbed by Fox for Highly-Anticipated Reboot

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” star Dave Annable has a new job in order as he will be part of the Fox reboot of “Fantasy Island.”

“Yellowstone” fans will remember Annable as “Lee Dutton” from the show, though he only had a brief role. Lee Dutton was the oldest child of Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. Annable’s stay on the show is short. He dies in the very first episode of the very first season. Lee falters after attempting to reclaim some cattle that wander onto the Broken Rock Tribe property. The character does however appear in other episodes featuring flashbacks. Another actor portraying a younger Lee Dutton is also seen in various flashbacks. It is unknown if Annable will ever appear on the show again though it shouldn’t be ruled out. “Yellowstone” like to utilize flashback in order to flesh out certain characters and storylines on the show.

Annable is joining a terrific cast already in place for the reboot of “Fantasy Island.,” featuring Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winters and Leslie Jordan. The “Yellowstone” actor’s wife will also join him in the series. The reboot of the once-popular ABC anthology series will appear on Fox next month and fans can’t wait. The show is described as a magical “dramedy’ which is a mashup of both drama and comedy genres. The brand new series will premiere on Fox on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor will Join ‘Fantasy Island’ Cast

According to a description of the show, “Fantasy Island features Emotional, provocative stories about people who arrive at a luxury resort with dreams and desires and depart enlightened and transformed.” Guests at the resort can he any fantasy they request granted to them but they rarely work out the way they are supposed to. The show became very popular during its original run that began in 1978. The show came to an ending in 1984 after a seven-season run that includes more than 150 episodes. Rumors of a reboot have popped up the last couple of years now they will be coming true to the delight of television watchers.

Not much is known about Annable’s character but if his performance requires him to be a cowboy — he has experience. He was one of the many “Yellowstone” crew members that took part in series creator Taylor Sheridan’s “cowboy school” exercise. In a 2018 interview, the actor says the cowboy school was an incredible experience.

“It is brilliant to be a part of this and be a cowboy and go to cowboy camp — I mean it rocked!” he says. “It was awesome and amazing. We got to go three or four days in the mountains on horseback. Taylor (Sheridan) really promotes authenticity. I couldn’t be further from being a cowboy. So, getting out there and learning how to ride on a horse — it was really just a great life experience.”

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” will arrive this fall.