‘Yellowstone’ TV Actor Mo Brings Plenty Posts Artistic Photo of His Beautiful Horse ‘Ducky’

by Thad Mitchell

A big reason for the success of Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” is the authenticity that the show brings to its viewers.

“Yellowstone” really strives to bring the western style cowboy culture to its audience every single week it is on. The show is also a gripping portrayal of a modern-day cattle ranch with values dating back centuries. Sadly, most of us will never be cowboys in real life and so we watch “Yellowstone” for a little glimpse into that world. It isn’t the glamorous life that many think it is. It also isn’t the worst way to live a life. Thanks to the authenticity of “Yellowstone” we can now vicariously enjoy a little of the western life.

When it comes to the show’s authenticity factor, it doesn’t get much more authentic than Mo Brings Plenty. He plays “Mo” on “Yellowstone” and has become a fan favorite. It is very fitting that Brings Plenty plays a character that bears his own name, as he fits the bill to a tee. A Native American Rancher by trade, he plays a very similar role to the description on “Yellowstone.” His performance on the show has quickly turned his character into a fan favorite. Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Brings Plenty lives the authentic western life. He also often shares photos of his ranching adventures on his social media pages. On Saturday he gives horse “Ducky” some love after a long day of riding. It is easy to see that Brings Plenty really cares for and loves his animals.

“My boy, Ducky, relaxing after we shared a good and long ride,” the “Yellowstone” star writes in the post. “Whether we are working, on a peaceful or I’m grooming or feeding; I love the ties I get to spend with my horse relatives. There is no better therapy in the world than horse therapy — to me anyway.”

Strong words there from the Native American actor who clearly values the companionship of his four-legged friends. Several fellow social media users chime in on the post to tell Brings Plenty they feel the same way.

“Agreed, you can tell them your feelings and they listen with no back talk,” a fan writes in the comments. “They sense when we need love and are down.”

With a brand new season on the horizon, “Yellowstone” fans are hoping Brings Plenty’s character gets more screen time. Mo is an advisor, enforcer and driver for Broken Rock Tribe Chief Thomas Rainwater. Though he is soft-spoken and prefers peace to violence, Mo isn’t someone you want to cross. He’s proven himself more than capable of handling himself when things get tough.

We certainly hope to see more of Mo Brings Plenty when the fourth season arrives this fall.