Watch: ‘Yellowstone’ TV Announces ‘Every Episode Feast’ Coming Later This Month

by Jon D. B.

In a surprise Tweet today, the official Yellowstone Twitter account announces that the “Every Episode Feast” is coming this month – so get ready to binge all three seasons!

Yellowstone fans are receiving a welcome distraction from the 2020 Presidential Election. Today, the show’s official Twitter account hit followers with a surprise trailer. The subject? An “Every Episode Feast!”

“The #YellowstoneTV every episode feast is coming this month,” the full post reads. Details outside of this, however, are scarce. “Stay tuned for details, and get ready to binge all three seasons with us,” they conclude. And we’ll have to do just that!

In the meantime, we’re speculating that this feast will either feature all seasons being made available on NBC’s Peacock streaming service, or Paramount Network will waive fees for a trial period so everyone can watch the show before Season 4 hits next year.

While we wait, Paramount’s put together a rip-roaring trailer for the feast. Watch below, Yellowstone fans, and get ready!

Check Out S4 ‘Yellowstone’ Behind The Scenes Photos While We Wait

In the meantime, dive deep into the behind the scenes filming of Yellowstone Season 4 with every glimpse we’ve gotten of the Montana set so far.

As TV’s top drama, Yellowstone has innumerable strengths. Their top merit, however, is authenticity. The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, works tirelessly to make the show realistic.

This shows most prominently in behind the scenes photos. Several Yellowstone favorites have taken to posting BTS glimpses on Instagram as they live out their workdays on a tried and true Montana ranch. We’ve compiled all the precious peaks we’ve seen so far to tide fellow fans over until Season 4 hits in 2021.

Up first is the most generous among the cast, Cole Hauser. You can view all his BTS Instagram photos here, followed by several from other Yellowstone actors like Forrie J. Smith.

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