‘Yellowstone’ TV Drops Behind-the-Scenes Photos Snapped by ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White

by Jennifer Shea

Jefferson White is a triple threat: skilled actor, podcaster and photographer. And now he’s releasing some great new behind-the-scenes photos from the set of “Yellowstone” on Instagram.

Jefferson White Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘Yellowstone’

A recent Instagram post from the @Yellowstone account showcases White’s photography skills. There’s a photograph of White as Jimmy, standing out in the middle of a field at the foot of a lush mountain. Then there’s one of Ian Bohen as Ryan, perched on a fence at the Dutton ranch.

And there’s one of Jen Landon as Teeter, pink hair and all, smiling for the camera. Finally, there’s one of a figure on horseback – could it be Walker (Ryan Bingham)? – at a distance.

There’s also a new photo on Instagram from @_jeffersonwhite himself. It captures Cole Hauser as Rip and Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd, both in costume and leaning on a fence at the ranch.

During Season 3, we saw Jimmy come into his own as a rodeo champion, only to wind up in the hospital with an admonition from John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to give up his new hobby.

 By the season finale, Jimmy was lying unconscious near the stables after trying to get back on a horse. Will White’s character regain consciousness and return for Season 4? Will he heed Dutton’s words and give up his new passion, not to mention his rodeo girlfriend, Mia (Eden Brolin)? Fans will have to wait until later this year to find out.

White, Like Jimmy, Is Learning About Ranching and Rodeo for the First Time

Unlike some of the cast members – Smith, for example – White knew little to nothing about ranching or rodeo when he signed on to join the cast of “Yellowstone.”

“Everything Jimmy ends up learning to do or experiencing, I’m also learning to do or experiencing for the first time,” White told Decider last November. “I had never ridden a horse before I accepted this job. I certainly had never gotten on a bucking horse. All of his stuff was very, very new to me.”

Luckily for White, he has a stunt man named Bobby Roberts who has spent his whole life competing in rodeos. So when we see Jimmy at the rodeo, we’re also seeing Roberts at work. When Jimmy got duct-taped to a horse in Season 1, Roberts was also there to step in for White at certain points.

“I’m just so grateful to Bobby,” White said. “I’m also grateful to Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd. Forrie also was a bronc rider as a younger man. Every time Lloyd is giving Jimmy advice, that’s also Forrie giving Jeff advice. I just try to listen to the experts and keep my mouth shut.”

White grew up in Iowa, per Wide Open Country, where he took part in plays and choir in high school.

He told Utah Film Studios that he met with plenty of surprises once he got to the “Yellowstone” set, not the least of which was the cowboy boots.

“I didn’t know people actually wore cowboy boots,” White confessed. “Like, people really wear them. I thought it was like a cartoon thing, you know? And it’s not. People really wear those boots. And those hats.”