‘Yellowstone’ TV: Best Tate Dutton Moments Throughout the Seasons

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fanatics know the truth – Tate Dutton is the cutest little man on television. This is all, of course, due to Brecken Merrill, the beyond-adorable star behind the only Dutton grandchild.

After many years of hard feelings between father and son, John Dutton has finally begun developing a relationship with his grandson, Tate. The son of Kayce & Monica Dutton, Tate is proving time and time again that Dutton blood pumps through his veins. Whether it’s wrangling a diamondback rattlesnake or surviving a raging river, the youngest of the Dutton bunch is an absolute highlight of the smash series – and it’s all in Brecken Merrill’s performance.

Tate has become a fixture of life on Yellowstone Ranch. He and John have an incredible bond, but it wasn’t always there. It had to be built with multi-generational trust – a trust that John had to earn from his son, Kayce. And still is.

Below, we’ve gathered all of the best Tate Dutton moments on the show, and the first round comes courtesy of the incredibly adorable young Brecken himself.

Brecken Merrill on His Favorite Tate Dutton Moments

“It’s really fun riding horses,” Merrill starts off in Paramount’s reel of his favorite moments. “I actually have a specific horse that I like to ride. Its name is Tilly, it’s Taylor’s horse, it’s black and white and it’s beautiful.”

Speaking on his relationship with Kayce, Merrill says that Tate “thinks his dad is like – a superhero. He thinks he is the strongest person on Earth and he really loves his dad.”

This admiration is far form one-sided, however. Kayce Dutton’s Luke Grimes has a ton of praise to heap on Merrill.

“I’ve worked with kids in the past that are – tough. It’s hard, you know, to keep them on track or keep them focused. And he’s actually really good.”

“Actually my favorite scene is with him. I throw fish in Dave’s face,” he smiles. “I actually feel bad for Dave.”

Monica actress Kelsey Asbille, too, is in love with Merrill and his portrayal of Tate. “He’s amazing,” she says getting teary-eyed. “What a cool job for him, as well. My scenes with him are probably my favorite.”

“Riding horses, fighting a snake,” Merrill says, “it has been a great experience.”

Between these loving words are all of Tate’s hand chosen favorite scenes from Yellowstone. It’s a must watch:

“A Grandpa’s Story” Will Make You Fall In Love With Yellowstone All Over Again

“That’s the thing about being a grandfather. I get to do all the things I wish I’d done with my children. And the things I regret, I get to do different.” – John Dutton

As the child of two worlds, Tate is often caught between his settler ranching heritage – and his mother’s Native American blood. To that end, his mother is a Native American born within the lands of the Dutton Ranch. After marrying Kayce, she gave birth to John’s grandson, Tate.

A key part of Monica’s role in the show has been centered around her Native American heritage, as well. As such, the duality of Monica’s development has been incredibly interesting to watch over the first three seasons. As she becomes increasingly torn between her Native American upbringing on the reservation and her love of the Duttons – where will Monica’s loyalties land?

All of this, interestingly enough, filters right on down to Tate. During the “Grandpa’s Story” reel, John Dutton asks Tate if he knows how to ride a horse.

“Course I do. I’m Indian,” Tate smiles.

“Yeah, maybe so,” his grandpa John replies. “But you’re a cowboy today.”

John Dutton Quells Tate’s Nightmares

Of all their relationship, however, the following scene may be the most poignant of all. Merrill does an absolutely brilliant job of selling his dialogue within, as well. After Tate’s horrifying kidnapping, his grandfather walks him through how to survive the nightmares that plague him.

Relive the entire incredible campfire scene below:

“In this official season 3 clip, John and Tate share a touching moment by the campfire. As Tate struggles with the fallout from his kidnapping, John looks to provide some grandfatherly comfort and wisdom.”


John Takes Tate Dutton Fishing

After John is able to help Tate with his terrible nightmares, the youngster is able to sleep for the first time in a long while.

“I overslept!” Tate Dutton reels.

“Yeah, well, you slept,” his grandfather replies. “That’s what matters.”

Right here, we’re told everything about the deep bond between these two we’ll ever need to know.

Tate, however, still just wants to go fishing. In turn, John delivers one of his best lines to Tate:

“Trout are like bankers. Don’t do a damn thing in the morning.”

“Why can’t we live right here, like this, all the time?” John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill) have developed quite the bond. In this official season 3 clip, they enjoy the spoils of living off the land.”


What’s your favorite Tate Dutton moment?

Thankfully we all have much more of the tyke to look forward to in 2021.

Cable’s top drama, Yellowstone, returns for more with Season 4 next year. Keep your eyes on Outsider.com for the premiere date.