‘Yellowstone’ TV: Beth Dutton Smoking a Cigarette Is the Epitome of Her Character in New Photo

by Anna Dunn

The Yellowstone Instagram posted a photo of Beth Dutton, and wow, it’s definitely the epitome of her character. The intense daughter of a wealthy ranch owner is seen smoking a cigarette while deep in thought. But the photo wasn’t just posted to appreciate Beth, but the actress who plays her.

“ICYMI: For her incredible work on season 3 of #YellowstoneTV, Kelly Reilly was nominated by the Hollywood Critics Association for Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series Drama. Congrats, Kelly!” the caption says.

Yellowstone fans know just how deserving Kelly Reily is of that nomination.

Kelly Reilly Got Tons of Love From Fans

Fans were quick to Gush about her performance on the show.

“She was incredible. Such great writing when you think a character is horrible and then you end up loving her,” one person wrote. Beth didn’t necessarily start out as the most likable character of the series, but with Reilly’s performance and the incredible writing team, fans watched as the nuanced portrayal of Beth took the character to new heights.

“She should be nominated for anything to do with best actress,” one fan commented. “Kelly Reilly you are awesome lady.” Another fan decided to comment on Beth Dutton’s wild ability to smoke with class.

“She is a professional smoker. Some of her best scenes are better because of it and I hate smoking,” they wrote.

All of this appreciation didn’t go unnoticed. Kelly Reilly herself was quick to comment her thanks to all the supporting fans.

“@yellowstone thank you .. and for all these kind comments I’m very touched,” she wrote.

Many fans are highly anticipating season 4, where they will learn the fate of Beth Dutton and other key characters after an explosive season 3 finale. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait too much longer.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Finally Have Answers on When They’ll Get a Season 4

Most Yellowstone fans were anticipating a June release of the show. The series has typically started back up again each June, but that wasn’t the case this year. June came and went. Thankfully, it’s finally been revealed that Yellowstone will come out sometime in the Fall, but we don’t know much more.

According to Deadline, however, it’ll likely be a November return. The publication also noted that multiple new cast members have been added to the show, each playing characters that could easily shake things up. For instance. Jackie Weaver is set to play a CEO of Market Equities hellbent on taking down John Dutton’s hold on his ranch.

Fans may still have months to go, but hopefully, the cast will take the time to relish in the awards, nominations, and praise that they’ve received for the work on the series.