Yellowstone TV: Clip from Season 3 Shows Exactly Why ‘Lloyd Gives the Best Advice’

by Jon D. B.

Want some real, no BS advice? Catch an episode of Yellowstone with Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd Pierce and let the wisdom flow through you.

Few supporting characters do for a show what Lloyd does for Yellowstone. The ranch hand, perfectly portrayed by real-life-cowboy Forrie J. Smith, is an absolute treasure. Alongside John Dutton, Lloyd serves as a surrogate father to many on the ranch – specifically for the bunkhouse boys. One character in particular, however, might as well call Lloyd “dad” – and pretty much did in Season 3. You guessed it, fellow fans, that character is Jimmy.

Now, Yellowstone’s official Twitter account is celebrating this relationship through the brilliant dialogue of Lloyd Pierce. Watch below as he delivers “the best advice” to Jimmy – and himself.

“Damn,” Lloyd smirks perfectly. “Two dances… and here I am haulin’ ’em to the arena, saddlin’ their horses… Sittin’ in the bleachers watchin’ ’em. Now I’m the damn buckle bunny…”

He speaks, of course, of his young love interest, Laramie, after he’s roped into, well, a relationship with the stunner. And all Jimmy can do is sit, watch, and laugh. Until, that is, he has some questions of his own.

“So you guys didn’t, ah…” Jimmy asks, wanting to know if they, ahem, consummated their… relationship.

“Course not,” Lloyd replies. “She ain’t even 25-years-old. I need a barrel racer in my life like I need another hemorrhoid. Here I am anyway, totin’ her shit around…”

But Lloyd’s tender heart doesn’t allow him to keep the focus on himself. Seeing Jimmy’s own sweetheart, Mia, out riding, Lloyd looks to his young protege.

Lloyd Pierce: Yellowstone Adviser Extraordinaire

“That’s a lotta woman you got there,” he says of Mia. “She’s gonna want more than you can offer livin’ in a bunkhouse.”

“Rodeo was supposed to be my way out of the bunkhouse,” Jimmy replies somberly.

Lloyd laughs. “Rodeo’s as bad on a relationship as cowboyin’,” he snuffs. “Can’t be married to two things at the same time, Jimmy. That’s what got you banged up in the first place: thinkin’ about her, instead of that rocket you’s getting on.”

“Mr. Dutton says I can’t do it anymore, anyway,” Jimmy responds, deadpan.

“He told me that, too, once,” Lloyd says in turn. “Right after he paid a stack of my hospital bills… The only one that can decide if you’re going to rodeo – is you.”

By the end of the exchange, which you can watch below, Lloyd lays the best advice Jimmy – and us fans – have ever heard:

“You gotta leave your brain out of it. Decide with your heart. That’s the only way you’ll ever have peace with it.”

What a character. What a show.

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