‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Clue That Might Rule Out Chief Rainwater as Dutton Attack Suspect

by Halle Ames

Could this clue be enough to rule out Chief Rainwater as the one behind the Dutton’s attack on Yellowstone Season 3?

We have argued that Chief Rainwater should be on our list of suspects. He has plenty of reason to get rid of the Dutton family once and for all, so why wouldn’t he want them gone.

After rewatching the hit western drama for the thousandth time, eagle-eyed fans spot something that they think can permanently mark Chief Thomas Rainwater from the long list of suspects.

In the last episode of Season 3 of Yellowstone, attacks were carried out on Beth, John, and Kayce Dutton. Among the list of people responsible, names like Jamie Dutton, Roarke Morris, Market Equities, and Thomas Rainwater come up.

‘Yellowstone’ Villains

To set some background, people on social media thought that Rainwater deserved a more prominent role as Yellowstone’s main villain. While others like Dan Jenkins and the Beck Brothers have been killed off, Rainwater still remains.

According to a Reddit post by TeufeIhunden, they think he is the villain in question and compared him to another series antagonist.

“This show needs a villain that spans multiple seasons. Kinda like Gus Fring in Breaking Bad. It could be Rainwater, but we’ll see.”

Rainwater has been like a stalking lion in the brush on Yellowstone, slowly getting closer and closer, but will it attack? Thus far, the reservation leader hasn’t made any serious claims and actions toward the Duttons’ safety.

Why Rainwater Didn’t Carry out Attacks

One user commented on the initial post, saying that there is one reason why they think it wasn’t the Native American leader. They also give a guess as to who they believe is the culprit.

“I like how they left us with three potential suspects who could’ve done the hit. My guess is that it’s both Jaimie and Roarke. I feel Rainwater would’ve sent his bodyguard or whatever instead of what we saw.”

While Mo is incredibly loyal to Thomas Rainwater, he seems like such a sweet character. He saved Monica’s life when she was being attacked and has been a wise, good man, in our opinion.

So, therefore, we do not think Mo or Rainwater are behind the attacks. After watching and rewatching the last 10 minutes of the Yellowstone episode, it is clear that the attackers are new characters that fans have not met. We think we would have noticed long braids that Mo sports.

This Reddit user sums up our thoughts perfectly, though.

“I think Rainwater & Mo have been and will always be in the background wanting Yellowstone, but have developed a respect for the Duttons and appreciate them wanting to keep the land open.”

Our best guess is that Market Equities, Roarke, and Willa Hayes are the ones behind the attacks.