‘Yellowstone’ TV: Clues You Missed About Why Beth Might’ve Survived Season 3 Finale

by Kayla Zadel

The third season of “Yellowstone” ends in a shocking cliffhanger. Three out of the four Dutton family members were under attack in the season finale. One of those members is Beth Dutton, the only daughter of John Dutton’s.

The “Hatchet Man,” a moniker given to the cutthroat women in the workplace, is targeted with a bomb at her office. Beth is at the office in the final episode packing up her things. She was just fired by Market Equities, the company that purchased the company she works for. This battle reaches beyond the workplace though, it involves the Dutton ranch.

Back to the office, Beth’s assistant tells her that there’s a package for her. Beth warns the woman not to open the suspicious box. However, it’s too late. The explosion happens. But what fans don’t actually see is the bomb going off from the office point of view. The footage cuts to the outside of the building, where cars are swerving due to the magnitude of the detonation.

This perspective has left fans wondering if Beth was killed, or was she? The eagle-eye “Yellowstone” fans are at it again and are flushing out theories ahead of the fourth season.

The Possibilities of Beth Dutton Surviving

The Paramount series fanbase is weighing in and chatting about different clues that might actually prove that Beth Dutton did in fact survive the office explosion.

“I think the double pane glass she had replaced is going to play some kind of part in how she survives,” writes one user.

A very good theory we must say. As a matter of fact, this is the second time Beth’s been attacked at her office. She’s brutally beaten by two of Malcolm Beck’s henchmen. Luckily, Rip Wheeler intervenes and saves Beth’s life. There’s some remodeling that needs to be done after the incident, including the glass-walled conference room.

Two Reddit participants think she took cover, “I recall seeing her dive behind her desk right after telling the assistant not to open the box. I still think she’ll live though.”

“I’m guessing a couch and desk or something was thrown on top of her shielding her from any life threatening injuries, though she’ll definitely be hurt,” writes another.

The discussion continues with theories that maybe was able to leave the office before the bomb went off. However, this speculation doesn’t seem possible because it all happens so fast and Beth wouldn’t have time to escape the office.

Does Beth Survive the Firebomb?

So where does this leave the complex character? Well, there’s speculation about that too. Comments from she will be in a coma in the hospital, to Beth will just emerge with cuts and bruises like last time.

“Honestly, I don’t even expect Beth to be hospitalized. John and Jimmy? Yes. But I expect Beth’s fate is going to be utterly and completely ridiculous considering she wasn’t 15 feet from a huge explosion,” this Reddit account holder writes.

This “Yellowstone” fans breaks down the situation in a logical way, “Realistically no one would survive that but because it’s TV I believe she will but with considerable damage. I’ll be really disappointed if she doesn’t survive.”

We won’t know for sure if Beth Dutton survives the attack until June. However, in the meantime, learn more about the actress, Kelly Reilly, who stars in the role of Beth Dutton.