‘Yellowstone’ TV: Co-Creator Taylor Sheridan Has Earned Over $10 Grand From Reigning, Cutting in Horse Competitions

by Evan Reier

When people praise Yellowstone, they often highlight the authentic feel the show provides. In terms of summing up the ranching lifestyle, the show goes above and beyond.

This is primarily due to the vision of show creator Taylor Sheridan. His passion to tell a jam-packed captivating story is matched by his desire to create a setting and atmosphere that feels right out of Montana.

To do so, a big focus for Sheridan is horse-back riding. Obviously a focal point of the Dutton ranch, the interactions with horses are crucial to nail down.

Well, it helps that Sheridan doesn’t just research, he lives it.

According to QuarterHorseNews, Sheridan is heavily invested in horses. The show creator not only owns horses, but rides them as well. Sheridan typically ridges in reigning and cutting competitions when he competes.

While it likely pales in comparison to his checks for making Yellowstone, the show creator has amassed $10,428 in earnings from his competing. $5,561 came through cutting. The other $4,866 has been earned in reining competitions, which is how he first started competing.

Yellowstone Cares About Horseback Authenticity

In order to ensure authenticity, Sheridan hires real horsemen and ranchers to teach actors. One such horseman is Jake Ream, who, surprise, plays Jake on the show.

In a video for the show’s YouTube channel, Ream detailed how much effort Sheridan puts in.

“Taylor got the best horses,” Ream said. “I mean, I don’t think you’re gonna see a TV series nowadays or anything like that with the caliber of horses… And he’s invested into the actors — they are riding, they are doing the stunts. When Cole ropes those guys he is swingin’ the rope and runnin’ fast and doing a lot of that stuff which should mean a lot to the followers. But to me watching it, it’s real stuff — it’s exciting.”

In many ways, Ream is the perfect selection. This is somewhat because he didn’t have much experience with the glitz of making television.

In an interview with Deadline, Sheridan detailed that he’s been a huge part of the show’s success.

“Jake Ream, another cowboy who plays Jake in the bunkhouse, is this Utah cowboy who had never seen a camera,” Sheridan told Deadline. “He didn’t know what action meant. He didn’t know what cut meant. He’s been a very pleasant surprise.”

As for the cowboy himself, it’s been a blast.

“It’s for sure been interesting to go from never being around a movie camera in my life to watching all of it and see how it takes out,” Ream adds. “And then to actually sit down on your TV and watch it, it’s been fun.”