‘Yellowstone’ TV: Deleted Scene Reveals John Dutton ‘Losing Things I Love’ in Season 2

by Atlanta Northcutt

Get ready for a touching moment on Yellowstone as the strong patriarch of the ranch, John Dutton, expresses his grief over all of his losses, including those who he loves, in an emotionally charge deleted scene.

John Dutton Grieves Losses in Season 2 of “Yellowstone”

Season 2 of the popular Paramount Network’s TV series Yellowstone was a hard pill to swallow. The family we know and love once again battled enemies who tried to take Dutton Ranch from the family. Drama mounted and began to put the ranch hands and the Dutton’s in mortal danger. The feud escalated into a stand-off between the Duttons and the Beck Brothers.

The stakes against the Beck Brothers reach new heights as John Dutton’s grandson Tate is a victim of kidnapping. After the terrifying attack on the young boy, John must devise a tricky and dangerous plan to free his young grandson.

With all of the fear and stress gripping John Dutton, who’s played by Kevin Costner, and the rest of the Dutton Ranch clan, a short clip of a deleted scene from episode 10 of Season 2. The touching moment when John releasing his feelings about his life gives Costner’s character a truthful expression of grief and fear.

A Touching Moment Between John and Rip Wheeler

The scene involves John and his good friend and ranch hand, Rip Wheeler, who actor Cole Hauser perfectly portrays. The two sit on the porch where the Dutton patriarch releases his emotions and regrets to Rip. The short clip helps viewers realize how the heart of the main character is aching.

Even many years after the death of his beloved wife, Evelyn Dutton, the loss still feels like a dagger to his heart. He can’t see others that he loves be hurt anymore.

While speaking with Rip, John sorrowfully puts his hands to his head as he mourns all that he’s lost. The hurt causes a vast determination to protect everything and everyone else that he cares about.

“My whole life is just a long series of losing things I love,” says John.

“I’m not going to lose this one Rip, not this one,” he adds.

Rip stays quiet while listening to John. The scene is impactful and emotional when John lets his guard down and speaks freely and solemnly. It also shows John’s deep care for Rip, which is a beautiful moment as the ranch hand realizes how much he means to the Dutton Ranch owner.