‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did John Dutton Make One Major Mistake that Led to Tate’s Kidnapping? 

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” fans received quite a shock when little Tate Dutton was kidnapped at the end of season two.

During the final episode of the season, John Dutton tells Tate to go feed his horse in the barn before having his second helping of dinner. Being the strong grandfather he is, Dutton was attempting to teach Tate a sense of responsibility. However, after a bit of time passed (too long not to be worried) and Tate didn’t return, John starts frantically searching for Tate. The family then discovers one of Tate’s shoes and tracks on their land that tell them someone trespassed and then quickly escaped. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that Tate has been kidnapped. It was quite a cliffhanger for the season finale.

Luckily, the situation was resolved at the start of season three of “Yellowstone.” The Duttons discovered that their rivals, the Beck brothers, were responsible for the kidnapping. Kayce goes to the Becks’ house to confront them. Once they admit to the kidnapping, Kayce shoots both of them dead.

Is John Dutton Responsible For Tate’s Kidnapping?

Yes, letting Tate wander over to the barn alone at night wasn’t the best move on John Dutton’s part. However, fans are pointing out another mistake that the Dutton patriarch made. In a Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discussed how this one mistake was irresponsible on John’s end.

“Lack of security,” wrote the fan. “Anyone who has watched ‘The Godfather’ knows that if there is a ‘war’ going on, you don’t go anywhere alone and you have protection.”

The fan added that the Beck brothers had security surrounding their entire house. Kayce and his team has to get past that security in order to save Tate. So, John Dutton should have known that it was necessary for him to get security as well. After all, the Beck were enemies of his family and ranch.

“The Beck Brothers had deputies guarding their house, but John Dutton has no security,” said the “Yellowstone” fan. “The Beck Brothers (and others) simply drive up to the front door without issue. Yet, John allows Tate to go out at night alone?”

This fan makes a good point. Yes, John Dutton does have Rip Wheeler – who is essentially a killing machine when need be. However, leaving his house totally unguarded when he knows there are people who are out to get him seems a little irresponsible. And letting his young grandson wander the grounds alone at night just adds to that danger. If John Dutton is, as this fan says, the Godfather of Montana ranching, then he’s gotta get some bodyguards.

We just hope he’s around to learn this lesson come the “Yellowstone” season four premiere this fall.