‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did ‘Teeter’ Actress Jen Landon Tease Her Character’s Death?

by Hunter Miller

Jen Landon may be revealing a major clue about Season 4 of Paramount Network’s hit show “Yellowstone.” The 37-year-old actress behind the rough-around-the-edges cowgirl on the series, Teeter, possibly teased her character’s death when the show returns next year.

On Thursday night, Landon took to Instagram to share a photo presumably from the Season 4 Montana set. The roads and hilly surroundings suggest the actress snapped the picture at the Dutton ranch. Most interestingly, Landon shared the photo to her Instagram story with the caption “last time.”

The small message raises many questions behind what Landon may mean by “last time.” Is it possible that Landon wrapped up filming for the fourth season of the show like Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton? Or, more ominously, that Teeter’s death may be imminent?

At this time, fans can only speculate as to the meaning behind Landon’s post. However, it’s safe to assume that nearly all “Yellowstone” watchers don’t want to see Landon’s character killed off in the series.

Jen Landon on Playing Teeter on ‘Yellowstone’

Since Teeter’s introduction at the beginning of “Yellowstone” Season 3, Landon’s character has quickly become a fan favorite. According to Landon, landing the role represented a unique career opportunity.

“I just felt excited and honored to join a show where women really, for lack of a better term, have life by the balls,” she told Decider.

Furthermore, Landon also explained how she approached her audition. In particular, her character’s distinct accent and body language.

“I got two pages to read for Yellowstone. It’s the first scene Teeter does in the show, and there was a character description along with it,” she said.

Landon continued by adding: “I can’t remember it exactly, but even separate from that, all of Teeter’s dialogue is written phonetically. My prep is always a little different for everything, but for that audition, I looked at a lot of photos of female cowgirls and female ranchers for two hours until I just sort of felt something in my body.”

At this time, there has been no announcement on the series’ fourth season release date. However, the first three seasons of “Yellowstone” all premiered in June of the past three years. Therefore, it’s likely that fans can expect to see the show’s return in the summer of 2021.

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