‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did ‘Walker’ Actor Ryan Bingham Confirm a 5th Season of Show?

by Jon D. B.

Evidence is mounting, ‘Yellowstone’ fans! While interviewing for the #nfp podcast Thursday, Walker’s Ryan Bingham spills the cowboy beans all over the table.

“So what’s next? Some more acting? Another album? What do you see in the future for Ryan Bingham?” the hosts of 3D Entertainment’s #nfp Podcast ask, kicking off a telling round of questioning with the musician and actor.

“Both!” Bingham exclaims. “Y’know, having all this time off, I’ve been sitting around writing a ton of songs. So I’ve kind of got another record in the can,” he reveals. While this is surely great news for music fans, it’s what the ‘Yellowstone’ star says next that has Outsider all in a tizzy.

“‘Bout to head back up to Montana here in a couple of months to start working on the new season of the show,” Bingham continues.

Wait a minute. Hold up. Stop the interview. Did Ryan Bingham just confirm ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 on #nfp? This is an important nugget from the actor & musician for one big reason.

We know Season 4 is all but complete and hitting Paramount+ soon – and that Bingham’s Walker plays a “tough” role within. This means that the “new season of the show” Bingham refers to has to be the next. As far as we know, filming with all cast members is complete for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4. And seeing as this podcast was recorded right on or before today (Thursday, March 25), Bingham heading “back up to Montana” can only mean one thing:

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, cowboys and girls!

‘Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham is Headed “Back up to Montana”

This is also not the first – but second time Bingham mentions heading “up to Montana” to film “again” within the hour and a half interview. Evidence is mounting up, ‘Yellowstone’ fans!

“Hopefully next year I’ll be able to get out touring. Do some more shows, so yeah! Planning on more music and more acting,” Bingham exclaims. His excitement for both is clear in his voice, and fans of the man himself will want to check out the full interview courtesy of Spotify here.

At the 24:20 mark, Ryan Bingham joins the #npt Podcast gents, so be sure to fire it up at this marker to hear everything he has to say. Bingham, an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Critics Choice award, and Grammy Award winner, gives a great chat for over a full hour.

“Bingham chats about his younger days, Rodeoing, riding steers then into Bulls as well as working for Bad Company Rodeo and Mack Altizer,” #npt describes of the episode. In addition, he “chats about his hard road to the top travelling all over the World with no money and a dream. Crazy Heart & funny Golden Globe Stories. We also get some ‘Yellowstone’ insights and what’s next for Bingham.”

Insights, indeed. Sound like a good time? That’s because it is! And here’s to seeing more of Walker’s story in ‘Yellowstone’ seasons 4and 5.