‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does New Trailer Reveal Mastermind Behind Dutton Attacks?

by Clayton Edwards

The new trailer for Yellowstone dropped today. It takes a look back at the pulse-pounding cliffhanger that closed out the third season. Additionally, it gives some insight into what fans can expect in the new season come November.

This trailer follows one that dropped back in July. However, the new trailer focuses more on the attacks that had Yellowstone fans on the edges of their seats. We see the bombing of Beth’s office and the attack on Kayce’s office. Like the initial teaser, it all started with John Dutton being gunned down on the highway.

Since season three ended, theories have swirled around the internet. Fans of the show can’t wait to know who orchestrated the seemingly coordinated attack on the Dutton family. This trailer may be giving Yellowstone fans a subtle hint as to who is behind those attacks.

First, the trailer refreshes our memory on Yellowstone’s season three finale. Then, we see Jamie Dutton sitting at his desk. In that seconds-long look at him, he says, “Oh my god,” then the trailer moves on. Could this be a subtle hint that he was behind the attacks this whole time? Is it possible that Jamie went against his own blood in such a cold-blooded and calculating way?

Some fans believe that Jamie has an awful lot to gain with Beth and John out of the way. He may be able to take over the ranch with them incapacitated. However, would that be enough to make him attempt to murder his own family? Greed is a powerful motivator. So, it is entirely possible that the new Yellowstone trailer subtly lets fans know that Jamie is behind everything that went down at the end of last season.

Yellowstone season four kicks off with a two-hour premiere on November 7th. Fans will have to wait until then to know for sure.