‘Yellowstone’ TV: Eden Brolin and Jefferson White Discuss Jimmy and Mia’s Love Story

by Kayla Zadel

We admit that we kind of cringe when Jimmy (Jefferson White) first starts talking to Mia (Eden Brolin) at a rodeo, but every love story has to start somewhere. This one starts in season three of the hit TV series “Yellowstone.”

Eden Brolin Break’s Down Mia’s First Impression

Brolin, who takes on the role of Mia and Jimmy’s love interest, breaks down what first attracted her to the character Jefferson White plays.

“I think the fact that Mia saw Jimmy at another rodeo, I think the initial interest came from, like him as a bronc rider, and like his talent,” Brolin explains in the video.

Jimmy and Mia first see each other while they’re competing at the same rodeo. Jimmy’s new-found love for bronc riding makes him stand out to the barrel racer.

“I do think when they have the first moment of meeting eyes and seeing each other, I do think that there’s sort of like this unspoken miraculous thing that happens,” Brolin says as she continues to talk about their love story. “It’s that moment that you like can’t deny and just need to follow your heart, and I think that happens for the both of them.”

Jefferson White’s Take on Meeting Edin Brolin’s Character

“Jimmy sees Mia as this whole other life, as this whole other world of possibility” Jefferson White starts out by saying. Jimmy has quite literally been living a different life. We first see his character morph into a ranch hand, and then a bronc rider.

The two have their fair share of awkward exchanges but find a rhythm they settle into. White evens dishes on who he thinks wears the pants in the relationship.

“I think he looks up to her,” the actor admits. “He feels challenged by her. He feels deeply intimidated by her. And those are all ways in which he sort of can believe in her as this whole other life.”

Even after Jimmy gets hurt in a bareback riding accident, Mia visits him at the hospital. As a matter of fact, she’s by his side during his recovery. Heck, she even offers to do Jimmy’s chores when they get back to the Yellowstone Ranch.

However, their love story was left somewhat hanging in the balance as season three came to a close. We’ll just have to wait until season four drops next year to find out where things stand between the young couple.