‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything To Know About Brecken Merrill, the Actor Behind Tate Dutton

by Halle Ames

Sure, Tate Dutton is a cute little cowboy in training on ‘Yellowstone’, but how much do you really know about the actor Brecken Merrill.

We all love the defiant and curious Tate Dutton, the only son of Casey and Monica and grandson to the family’s patriarch, John Dutton, but here are some things you probably don’t know about the 12-year-old actor and model.

Who is Brecken Merrill?

Merrill was born on June 20, 2008, and has a family tradition of taking a picture in the same birthday hat every year.

He is the middle child with an older sister named Karis and a younger sister.

He will also appear in the upcoming movie “We All Got to Dance” as the main character, Emmett LeClair. According to IMDB, the movie is “set in the navy town of Bremerton, Washington during the Vietnam War, the film follows the life of 13 yrs old rebel Emmett LeClair. Comedy is mixed with the more serious aspects of Emmett’s life, which includes a cousin on leave from Vietnam to visit his sick mother in the hospital.”

Merrill is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan.

Merrill’s mother wouldn’t allow the young boy to watch the rated R movie Deadpool. However he obsessively watched all the trailers he could find on YouTube. He also posted a photo on Instagram of a drawing he did of the Ryan Reynolds character. Merrill enjoys drawing and is a huge fan of Reynolds.

He modeled the Emmet costume for a Disguise Costumes in the Lego movie as well as many other Halloween costumes throughout his short life but long modeling career.

The boy loves donuts as much as his character Tate Dutton does, but honestly, who doesn’t?

Merrill On Set of Yellowstone

Before filming each season, Merrill had to get a haircut to transform him back into Tate. Once, however, he allowed his hair to grow long to be able to donate it to Wigs for Kids.

The young boy has women as his stunt doubles, Brenda Garcia and Juliana Potter.

In the episode “Sins of my Father” during season two of Yellowstone, Tate is taken. He boy walks outside one night to feed his horse and was… BOOM… snatched up. Monica makes Casey promise her that he will kill the Beck brother once her son is found. Tate is eventually found, but not after suffering emotional trauma.

The young actor has more than 17,900 followers on Instagram. While Merrill’s most recent post had fan excited, saying, “That’s a wrap” for the hit show’s fourth season.