‘Yellowstone’ TV: Everything We Don’t Know About Season 4, But Desperately Need To

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone Season 4 is nigh, and we have so many questions. Who tried to kill the Duttons? Is Beth alive? What in Sam Hill is going on with Jamie? Will Rip & a hopefully-still-breathing Kayce now kill everyone? And where… for the love of all that is Western… did Avery disappear to?

Yellowstone Season 3 ended with one of the best episodes of television in history. Within, assassination attempts made on the Dutton clan had us on the edge of our seat – and still do. We can assume, then, that much of Yellowstone Season 4 will be dedicated to unraveling the Dutton assassination attempts, and weeding through the snakes in the grass to get to the true culprit (double agent Angela Blue Thunder is a top contender here). And once we do narrow in – the final battle can begin.

But who is said culprit? What will this final battle actually be? Bringing clarity to any of these questions won’t be any small task, either. The wolves are circling Yellowstone from all sides, and the Dutton’s enemies are far from few.

As such, let’s take a look at our biggest, hottest burning questions ahead of Yellowstone Season 4 to get ready for what is sure to be the absolute best season of the show yet.

Who Tried to Kill The Duttons?

Just when things are looking up for Beth, tragedy strikes her and her entire family. The strong, sharp-witted woman finally makes her rocky relationship with Rip Wheeler final… only for an explosive package to arrive at her office – and deadly chaos ensues. Watching Beth’s office explode with her inside was perhaps the hardest pill to swallow in the S3 finale.

Beth has always been loyal to her family, and has put herself at odds with anyone attempting to take the ranch from them. The hardest part for fans, too, has been not knowing for certain if Beth Dutton is still alive for Yellowstone Season 4.

We know John Dutton survives the attempt on his life thanks to his cell phone. And we see Kayce take cover, leaning heavily into his Navy SEAL skills, leading us to believe he’ll make it. But did Beth?

Actress Kelly Reilly is listed in the credits for S4, so we know she will return in one form or another. The real question, however, is who ordered the hit on her? For many fans, the main suspect has become Angela Blue Thunder.

Angela’s past, and deeds within the show, tie her deeply to both Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and the Duttons. Beth and John specifically. But if S3 taught us anything about Angela, though – it is that she absolutely cannot be trusted. And she’s willing to do whatever it takes to better the lives of her kin.

Playing both sides benefits Angela’s goals directly. Supporting the Dutton’s mission to protect their ranch from development keeps it clear of said development. As such, it can then be delivered back to her indigenous peoples. This is, after all, her end game, as we find out through her own words behind closed (car) doors.

All of this, combined with how fervently she tried to convince Thomas Rainwater to destroy the Duttons for the people of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation – places her as the prime suspect for ordering the hits on the family. Especially Beth.

What is Jamie Dutton’s True Backstory?

Jamie’s reality came crashing down in season three’s episode seven, The Beating. Within, Jamie discovers his birth certificate – revealing that he is not, in fact, a Dutton.

In shock, Jamie confronts everything from his family keeping such a secret from him – to the revelations of his biological family. Once his wheels begin turning again, he finds out his real father is a dangerous man with a dangerous past: Garrett Randall.  Jamie confronts his true father – and is hit with even an more difficult truth as Garret reveals he murdered Jamie’s real mother.

But shouldn’t Jamie have seen all this coming – and a long time ago? Despite his faults, Jamie is a highly intelligent person – and a student of Harvard Law. Wouldn’t the person who handled all the family ranch’s legalities & paperwork have come across such a fact beforehand? Somehow, through all of this, Jamie never once needed his birth certificate? Season 3 leads fans to believe so – and requires a harsh suspending of disbelief.

Moreover, this oversight leaves things feeling… unsettled. Deeply so.

What Jamie discovers is: he was born as James Michael Randall to dad Garrett Randall and mum Phyllis Mary Randall. So says his birth certificate. Garrett beat Phyllis to death and was imprisoned for her murder. Yet so much still doesn’t add up. Why would John and Evelyn Dutton adopt this three-year-old boy specifically after such an incident?

In addition, who was Phyllis Mary Randall? Is she more important to the Duttons than we know, which led to Jamie’s adoption?

Hopefully Yellowstone Season 4 will answer these questions for us, and give us -and Jamie Dutton – some much needed closure.

What Happened to Avery?

Yet one question fans still have from back in Season 2 is… What happened to ranch hand Avery?

Played by actress Tanaya Beatty, Avery made her debut in Yellowstone‘s first season finale. She became the ranch’s only female ranch hand, and before they knew it the show had a fan favorite on their hands. Moreover, everything was leading toward a romantic relationship with another fan favorite, Jimmy Hurdstram.

Then, without any reasoning given, intense Season 2 episode “Blood the Boy” shows Jimmy returning home from the rodeo, eager to show off to Avery, only to find that all her stuff is gone… and so is she.

In reality, Avery’s exit was caused by actress Tanaya Beatty pulling out of the show. Whether she had scheduling, or content, conflicts is unknown, but Avery’s disappearance is due to Beatty leaving the show of her own accord.

Why any actor would exit Yellowstone is beyond us, though, and hopefully Season 4 will give us some closure on Avery’s disappearance in-show.

But Most Importantly: When Will Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere?

Thankfully, Yellowstone will return for Season 4 in 2021. We still, however, have absolutely no idea when in 2021 this will be!

Unconfirmed posts on social media have led to a June 2021 release being touted by some websites. This is completely unconfirmed, though. And even if the premiere is set for Summer of 2021 – what’s the exact date? We’re dyin’ over here!

Until we get that coveted date, stay with us here at Outsider.com for everything Yellowstone. We’ll have that Season 4 premiere date for you as soon as it’s confirmed, too.

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