‘Yellowstone’ TV Exclusive: Clint Morrow Actor Brent Walker Was Close to Starring in Seasons 1 & 2

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s own Clint Morrow, actor Brent Walker, almost landed the role of train-station bound Fred Myers in Season 1 but is beyond glad he didn’t.

When it comes to the long-standing friendship between Brent Walker and the show’s mastermind, Taylor Sheridan, it’s a bit of a winding road.

The two met some years before, right after Sheridan finished working on Sons of Anarchy, where he played officer David Hale for FX’s wildly successful original series. “He was kind of walking on glass at the time,” Walker tells Outsider with a heartfelt laugh. “He was kind of thinking ‘Man, I don’t know what I’m going to do next.’ He had just written a few things and was hoping they were going to go well.”

One of Sheridan’s written projects was Sicario, as Walker notes. And Sherdan’s fans will know how that turned out. The 2015 film was a commercial and critical smash, and a true turning point for the Yellowstone creator. And as Brent Walker states: “The rest is history.”

The Winding Road That Led Brent Walker to ‘Yellowstone’s Clint Morrow

The actor has nothing but brilliant things to say about his friend’s successes in Hollywood. And one of those brilliant things includes how he was written into the show. Even though his time on the series didn’t come along in the first two seasons.

Brent Walker doesn’t show up in the Yellowstone pantheon until Season 3, where he plays one half of infamous father/son duo, Wade & Clint Morrow. Originally, Sheridan had him slated for both Seasons 1 and 2, something we’d never have known had the actor not been generous with his story.

“I was hoping I would be in Season 1!” Walker recalls with a tinge of enthusiasm. “I read for some parts, yeah. [My agent] at the time sent me a part for Yellowstone.” This was back during the first season’s production, or as Brent puts it, “before anyone knew it was going to be a huge hit.”

“This random audition for a fisherman part comes through. So I took a photo of the script and sent it to Taylor and said, ‘Can I read this as a cowboy?” he laughs.

Taylor Sheridan’s response? “Oh, you don’t want that part!” Brent recalls his friend saying. “Just put it on tape so the producers can see you and we’ll work on getting you something better.”

Worth the Wait: How Brent Walker Finally Landed Clint Morrow Role in Season 3

Then, Brent was sent an audition for a different Season 1 role fans will instantly recognize.

“One of the roles I read for was the guy – kind of a bully – in the first season. He’s the first one they take to the train station,” Brent offers. “That’s one I was hoping to get, but it turns out it’s a good thing I didn’t, because he was only in a handful of episodes.”

This “bully role” was none other than Fred Myers, the donkey of a (short-lived) Yellowstone ranch hand.  Actor Luke Peckinpah wound up playing the part, one with a far shorter tenure than Walker’s turn as Clint Morrow in Season 3.

“I lasted a little longer than he did,” Brent laughs.

“So after that didn’t pan out, the next year I see Taylor and he says ‘I’ve got you a part on Yellowstone! Don’t shave your beard.’ So I think, ‘Okay, great!” But the actor wouldn’t hear back on this one.

By the time Season 3 rolls around, Brent was up yet again for another role on the show. But this time, the role was written specifically for him. At this point, however, it had become a sort of “believe it when I see it” situation. Then Taylor Sheridan called.

“Do you have your schedule yet?” Sheridan asked Walker after talking with his agent. “You’re working next week!”

The rest, as Brent Walker would say himself, is history.