‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Whether Rip Wheeler or ‘SEAL Team’ Character Would Win in Fight

by Jon D. B.

If you’ve watched both Yellowstone and SEAL Team, then you know exactly where this is going. Will Rip Wheeler claim victory? Is that a rhetorical question? Let’s find out.

Ah, the fantasy matchup. It’s like fantasy football, but everything’s made up and the points don’t matter (you either get that or you don’t). Perhaps the finest place for Hollywood character matchups is Reddit, where fans from every genre in all industries come together to disagree constantly and consistently.

Today, Yellowstone and SEAL Team fans are putting their non-existent chips down on two similar beefcakes: SEAL’s Sonny Quinn – and one Rip Wheeler, murdering ranch hand extraordinaire.

“Is it just me or do Sonny Quinn and Rip Wheeler look remarkably alike? Either way… Who’d you bet on and why. Sonny VS Rip,” Redditor Darius posts in his relatable prompt.

Look, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an Outsider who isn’t going to root – and root hard – for Rip Wheeler in this fight. The fact of the matter is, however, that in a one-on-one brawl, we’re not just being biased when we say that Rip has this one, hands down. And it all comes down to reach.

Blackbeard Beefcake Battle: Rip Wheeler vs Sonny Quinn

While both Sonny Quinn and Rip Wheeler are decidedly buff and intimidating, there’s a big difference in height, here. Sonny Quinn is a highly trained Navy SEAL, yes, but actor A.J. Buckley stands 5 foot 9 inches. This, of course, means Quinn does, as well.

Then there’s Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser. The brawny actor stands a good bit taller at 6 foot 1 inches, making Rip stand the same. And as we’ve seen time and again on Yellowstone, he not only can throw a hard punch, but can take a dozen with the best of ’em.

Let’s not forget, too, that Rip is close with a Navy SEAL himself – Kayce Dutton. And as we’ve seen, the two are no strangers to punching the sh*t out of one another, with Rip riding off into the sunset like nothing ever happened:

As for the fans themselves, fellow Redditor PattyPubG puts his money on “Rip in a bar fight,” but gives it to “Sunny if they have all the gear and tools of *Bravo.”

Come now, aptly-named PattyPubG. Whenever a fantasy “fight” is called upon in the halls of fandom, no one’s ever really talking a gunfight, are they? That’s no fight. That’s a shootout.

To this end, unaptly-named RipsLittleCoors adds “Yeah I’m not picking against Sonny in any kind of a shooting competition. Not after what he did against that Romanian guy or whatever. But Rip is probably good enough in a fistfight.”

Coming in soft for Rip with a Reddit handle like that? Shame on you, RipsLittleCoors. Both Rip and his little Coors are disappointed in you. Watch this scene again and change your mind, sir. We’ll wait.

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