‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Which Character Is Their Favorite ‘Buckle Bunny’

by Thad Mitchell

With the return of the hit television show Yellowstone still months away, fans of the modern western series are finding new ways to discuss the show.

Yellowstone fanatics are taking to online message board communities to talk about their favorite show. Topics of discussion include everything from season four predictions to Rip Wheeler’s horse’s name.

Reddit, an online message board site, has acted as a haven for fans of the show to gather and discuss the show. An interesting topic emerged among the Yellowstone faithful as a group of fans discuss their favorite “Buckle Bunny.

One particular Reddit thread provides a hilarious meme that points out the “perfect” Yellowstone buckle bunny. You may be surprised with who fans choose as their favorite buckle bunny.

In a previous season, elder Yellowstone Ranch hand Lloyd explains what a “buckle bunny” is to fellow hand, Jimmy. According to Lloyd, a buckle bunny is a young lady who hangs around at rodeos hoping to reel in a cowboy. Jimmy gets first hand buckle bunny experience when he meets Mia. The young barrel racer makes quite an impression on young Jimmy who is excited by the prospect of rodeoing to meet a companion.

When Jimmy is seriously injured in a rodeo incident, it is Mia that comes to his aid. While in the hospital, Mia cheers him up the best way a true buckle bunny knows how to. However, Mia is definitely more cowgirl than buckle bunny. Against John Dutton’s advice, the deeply smitten Jimmy plans to return to the rodeo once he is healed. His reasoning, of course, is to keep Mia interested and by his side.

Mia’s friend, Laramie (played by Hassie Harrison), is also a barrel racer and takes up with the much older Lloyd. After spending much time with the elder cowboy, she winds up next to Walker at the end of season three. It could make for an interesting love triangle heading into the fourth season.

Yellowstone Fans Choose Lloyd as Top ‘Buckle Bunny’

While many fans say Mia and Laramie are excellent additions to the show, there is an overwhelming choice for top buckle bunny — Lloyd.

In one of the series’ funniest scenes, Lloyd hilariously describes himself as the ultimate buckle bunny. It is an unforgettable scene as he and Jimmy sit in the bleachers watching their women practice racing.

“Two dances,” Lloyd says to a still-healing Jimmy. “Now I’m hauling her to the arena, saddling her horses and sitting in the bleachers watching them. Now I’m the damn buckle bunny.”

Jimmy pushes the subject a little further to gage just how serious the relationship is. Lloyd, being the funny man the he is, delivers the perfect response to Jimmy’s inquiry.

“I need a barrel racer in my life like I need a hemorrhoid,” he says. “Here I am anyway, toting her s*** around.”

Many Reddit users agree with the sentiment, finding the buckle bunny storyline to be entertaining and interesting.

“I thought this was a cute storyline,” a Yellowstone poster says. “He is so mad at himself for hauling her stuff everywhere, doin’ this and doin’ that – yet he can’t believe his luck.”

With season four rapidly approaching, Yellowstone fans can’t wait to see more of the buckle bunny saga. The new season expects to premiere this summer.