‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Expose Clue About Rip Wheeler That May ‘Seal’ Beth Dutton’s Fate

by Thad Mitchell

As we wait for the next installment of hit television series “Yellowstone,” it is fun to pass the time with speculation and review.

Of all the relationships on the show, perhaps the most complex is that of Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler. Beth is the only daughter of powerful Montana ranch owner John Dutton. Rip is John’s most trusted ally, entrusting him with the ranch and also as a “fixer” of sorts for the family.

The headstrong Beth and the rugged Rip are a match made in Yellowstone heaven. Their plight has easily been one of the most gripping storylines on the show. After failing to summon the gall to ask John for Beth’s hand in marriage, it is Beth who proposes to Rip. The two have been an on and off couple since they were teenagers and have shared several intimate moments on the show.

Does their love carry a sinister shadow behind it though? It is a question that Yellowstone fans are asking and speculating on as we wait for the upcoming fourth season. Some fans think the love connection could spell doom for one of them.

After the wild ending to season three, it isn’t clear if Beth is alive or dead. Her situation is murky at best. She was last seen warning her assistant not to open a mystery package that turns out to be a bomb. The last we see of Beth, she is only a few feet away from the explosion. While Beth could still be alive, she is likely heavily injured in the best case scenario.

Yellowstone Fan Speculate on Beth Dutton’s Fate

Yellowstone fans certainly want to see Beth pull through but they are bracing for the worst. Using Beth and Rip’s romance as a clue, some fans believe the plot is set up for ferocious female to perish.

Recently, a Reddit user points to the accelerated timeline of their romance as a clue to Beth’s demise.

“The fact that the writers sort of accelerated the love story between her and Rip in season three seems like a very deliberate choice to make her potential death pack more of a punch,” the poster says.

Yellowstone fans shudder at the thought of a Beth Dutton-less season. As a headstrong and sharp-tongued woman, she is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Still, Yellowstone watchers seem to be bracing for the impact of losing her. Adding to the theory that Beth is dead, is that actress Kelly Reilly hasn’t been seen around filming areas much. That could mean nothing — or it could mean everything.

“It’s like they wanted to give fans everything they’ve been waiting for (with Rip) before they take it all away,” another Reddit poster says.

Losing Beth Dutton from Yellowstone would certainly be a gut punch. With season four growing ever closer, the wait for answers is almost upon us.