‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Love ‘Sensitive Side’ of Rip Wheeler in Behind the Scenes Pic With Beth Dutton

by Thad Mitchell

Though it doesn’t often come out, fans of hit television series “Yellowstone” know there is a sensitive side somewhere within Rip Wheeler.

Every “Yellowstone” fan knows Rip Wheeler, played by actor Cole Hauser, as the big bad cowboys with a short fuse. A brute of a man, Rip rules over the Yellowstone Ranch bunkhouse crew with an iron fist. None of them question anything Rip says due to their immense respect for him and — let’s be real — fear.

We have all seen what happens when you cross Rip Wheeler and it isn’t pretty. In addition to his duties on the cattle ranch, Rip is also the ruthless enforcer for the Dutton family. Incredibly loyal to the family, especially patriarch John Dutton, there are no lengths Rip won’t go to in order to protect his adopted family. With no issues in getting his hands dirty, we have seen Rip beat up, threaten and kill the Dutton family enemies. It’s something every fan wants to see in the upcoming brand new season — Rip beating people up.

But we also want to see Rip’s rarely used sensitive side a little more in the upcoming fourth season. Rip keeps this side of himself behind lock and key and rarely lets his guard down. There is only one thing, or person I should say, that can bring out “sweet and caring” Rip and that is John’s daughter, Beth Dutton. The two got engaged in the second season and the hope is that wedding bells are in the future.

Like her fiancé, Beth keeps her sensitive side in the background while maintaining her bada** attitude in the forefront. But the two bring out the best in each and other and it is beautiful to see. In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discuss the complex and fascinating relationship that provides a key storyline to the show. The thread creator also shares a behind-the-scenes photo of Cole Hauser and Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In on Beth and Rip

“Her smile just radiates,” a “Yellowstone” fan says in response to the photo. “As Cole said, she has a ‘sensitive amazing soul, the one most unlike her character.’ He is such a gentleman reaching out his hand to help her down the steps. I love watching them on screen together.”

That is a sentiment that is echoed by numerous fans of the modern western drama series.

“Love this!” another Redditor writes. “He’s so chivalrous and she’s just beaming.”

Now, “Yellowstone” fans are curious about what the new season will bring for the couple. Beth’s status is unknown as she suffers a bomb explosion in the waning moments of the third season finale. Most believe she survives the attack but she could also be badly hurt. Perhaps sensitive Rip will rush in to help her wounds heal.

With season four on its way, the wait for answers will soon come to an end.