‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Make the Case for ‘Who’ Is the Main Character of the Show

by Quentin Blount

We have got a question for all of you loyal Yellowstone fans out there. Who, in your opinion, is the main character of the hit show?

If you are like us, your mind probably went straight to John Dutton. Dutton, who is played by the iconic Kevin Costner, is the patriarch of the Dutton Family and the owner of Yellowstone Ranch. That makes him the largest ranch owner in all of the United States.

However, one user on Reddit took to the popular forum to explain why it isn’t John Dutton — or any character at all for that matter — who is the main character in Yellowstone.

“It isn’t John or any of the Duttons,” user u/duckdae said. “The main character is the Yellowstone Ranch.”

Now that right there is certainly an interesting thought. The main character of the show is the Yellowstone ranch itself? Tell us more.

“A place as large as the Yellowstone is supposed to be, about 250,000 acres I think, is a force unto itself,” they explain in the. post. “It isn’t manipulated by people with 80-year lifespans.”

Does user u/duckdae have a point here? All this time we thought it was the Dutton’s controlling the Yellowstone Ranch. And in many ways, perhaps they do. But when it comes right down to it, father time would tell you that the ranch actually owns whoever is currently living on it.

“The Yellowstone has a history going back millions of years, and tens of thousands of years with people on it. The Duttons just being the current occupiers. The Yellowstone manipulates whoever is currently living on it.”

The Goal of Yellowstone Ranch is to Stay Together

It may sound silly to talk about Yellowstone Ranch like it has a voice. But that’s exactly the perspective that u/duckdae has presented to Yellowstone fans on Reddit. They say that the goal of the ranch is to stay as one contiguous piece of land.

“The Yellowstone’s primary goal is to prevent itself from being broken up. It doesn’t care who controls it, as long as it stays contiguous,” the OP continues. “The Yellowstone only exists as a single, massive, coherent piece of property.”

That certainly makes sense. And in a way, that’s the entire premise of the show. The Dutton’s do anything they can to protect the ranch from various outside forces. The OP on Reddit believes that the second the ranch sees development, it will never be the same.

“Currently, as the largest ranch in America, it just wants to prevent itself from becoming smaller and smaller with each passing generation that walks across it. It’s the Yellowstone as long as it is big and unwieldy. The minute it gets chopped up into an airport, condos, slopes, trails, gift shops, developments, etc., it only becomes the Yellowstone Estates and Yellowstone Ranch Gift Shop. It loses its sentience.”

They concluded their post by giving fans one last thing to think about.

“If I owned such a piece of land, or was part of a family that did, you bet your ass I’d kill to preserve it.”