‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Stand Up for One Character: ‘Doesn’t Deserve All the Hate He Gets’

by Courtney Blackann

It is no shocker that Jamie Dutton is a conflicted character in the “Yellowstone” saga. One who often receives flack for being seemingly less loyal to the Dutton family, making mistake after mistake. As well as jeopardizing the family name.

However, if Jamie is the Dutton that’s loved to be hated by the ‘Yellowstone’ fanbase, at least one person is taking to Reddit to show support.

Torn between loyalty to his family and the need to establish himself as a primary public figure, Jamie Dutton shuffles in a frustrating back and forth motion.

 “I remember a Jamie line from season [one]. When him and Beth are arguing in the truck and she has a gun,” one Reddit user argued.

“He says something along the lines of “If hating me keeps you from hating yourself, I’ll be that for you

“Jamie is a good dude, he’s just taken advantage of and underappreciated his whole life. Family or not, John steered Jamie’s entire life to be used as a tool,” the Reddit user continues.

Jamie is thrust into peril situation after peril situation in the first three seasons. It seems as if there’s a limit on his options. Jamie’s father’s expectations are clear, but his own motivations are wishy-washy.

And the backlash he received for his ambivalent behavior has been harsh. While Jamie Dutton struggles to find his voice, the character idles between being a Dutton and being a politician in the community. After learning of his adoption, Jamie reels in a lifetime of ill feelings.

Future for ‘Yellowstone’s Favorite Villain?

The question is: Did Jamie organize it? Is he responsible for the attacks on the entire Dutton family?

Only when season four of the ‘Yellowstone’ chapter begins, will fans know for sure, but there’s plenty of speculation until then.

John Dutton’s partiality toward his daughter, Beth, could be reason enough for Jamie to possess ulterior motives. His complicated relationship with his mouthy sister is more than fragile.

In an analysis for Express, behavior specialist Nick Davies reflected on some of the character behaviors.

“He displays macro expressions of fear, regret, and guilt when talking with Beth. Then when talking about the reporter/journalist, he displays micro expressions (emotions we try to conceal that last less than a second) of anger and frustration but not psychotic rage or a cocky stare, which murderers usually do. Then when he pursues Beth, his anger increases to a level where he becomes physical with her.”

With the seasonal date not yet fixed, it’s up to the fans to work out all unsolved motivations. Jamie Dutton is a clever man. But how clever? We’ll just have to wait and see if his vulnerability is real or faked when the season premiers.