‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s the Crucial Role Jamie’s Biological Father May Play in Season 4

by Katie Maloney

Season three of “Yellowstone” introduced us to another indirectly related member of the Dutton family, Jamie’s biological father.

Will Patton, who plays Garrett Randall (Jamie’s father) on the “Yellowstone, was first introduced last season. We quickly learned that he’s a former criminal and probably doesn’t have Jamie’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, Jamie is seemingly easily manipulated. That’s especially the case when it comes to gaining the affection and approval of a father, any father. So, fans are wondering exactly what role Garrett Randall will play in season four of “Yellowstone.”

First, “Yellowstone” fans discussed Will Patton’s recent casting upgrade. He went from a reoccurring cast member in season three to series regular for season four. In Hollywood speak, this means Will Patton upgraded from only appearing in a few episodes to appearing in almost every episode next season.

“I’ve wracked my brain trying to imagine a story development that entails Jamie’s real dad having such a significant role going forward. And I just can’t think what that development might be,” wrote one “Yellowstone” fan via a Reddit thread. “Anybody got any ideas?”

One fan suggested that Garrett plans to manipulate Jamie into destabilizing the future of the Dutton ranch. If Jamie inherits any portion of the earnings from the ranch, he will be incredibly wealthy.

“He’s going to coach Jamie to continue to drive a wedge into the stability and future of the Dutton ranch,” wrote the fan, “knowing that Jamie stands to inherit a great portion of it if John Dutton was to die. And the Ranch would be sold off piece by piece creating a substantial fortune.”

The “Yellowstone” fan suggests that Garrett will then manipulate Jamie into giving him money.

“He would do this because he knows that he would be able to influence Jamie and control him to give him what he probably wants which is a shit ton of money,” they continued. “And he sees Jamie as an easy mark. He can influence and manipulate him just like everybody else does.”

Was Garrett Randall Responsible For The Dutton Attacks in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season Three Finale?

Another”Yellowstone” fan posed an even more interesting plot twist. They suggested that perhaps Garrett Randall is responsible for attacks on the Duttons during the season three finale.

“The attacks on the various Duttons were SO well-coordinated that it seems one person is behind the whole thing,” wrote the fan. “Maybe that one attack–the guy in the van who shot JD, was a Garrett Randall hireling, and maybe he was on his way to the ranch when he spotted JD on the side of the road?”

However, not everyone in the thread agreed.

“No way no how is that ex-con working an angle grinder in the back of a rundown house going to plan and execute a multi-tiered coordinated assault,” wrote one fan. “This show has some awfully wide stretches of reality, but that would be completely absurd.”

We’ll just have to wait for “Yellowstone” season four to find out!