‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s What Elements of the Show Luke Grimes Says Fans Can Really ‘Hang On To’

by Thad Mitchell

With a return this fall, fans are eagerly awaiting a new season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

One of the show’s most popular characters is Kayce Dutton, who is played brilliantly by actor Luke Grimes. Kayce’s storylines are also some of the best the show has to offer. We first meet Kayce in the first season of “Yellowstone” as he and his wife, Monica, are raising their only child, Tate Dutton. Kayce lives with Monica and her family on the Broken Rock Reservation. A former Navy Seal Kayce isn’t opposed to getting his hands dirty when protecting his family.

Kayce is the son of Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton and also bears the “Yellowstone” brand on his chest. In a previous season, we also see Kayce, Monica, and Tate head back to the ranch. They move into the ranch’s main living quarters. Kayce also assumes the ranch foreman position and heads up the Yellowstone Ranch bunkhouse crew. Easily one of the most liked characters on the show, it is his loyalty to his family that fans love about Kayce.

Luke Grimes sat down with the Los Angeles Times earlier this year to talk about Kayce’s future on the show and all things “Yellowstone.” When the interviewer points out similarities between the show and “The Godfather” franchise, Grimes has some interesting things to say.

“I actually went back and watched all of the Godfathers before the second season,” he says. “Those are some good movies, man. That’s sort of where the TV show of it all comes in.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Compares Show to Famous Movie

Grimes goes on to say the “crime element” is also one of the factors that make “Yellowstone” the massive hit that it is.

“As much as you would like to make something as true as possible, the exciting part of the show is, like, the crime element,” he says. “It is the fantasy element I think that people can hang on to.”

Grimes isn’t wrong there as “Yellowstone” thrives in its life or death vibe throughout the series. The stakes are very high in the show for many characters, including Kayce Dutton. With a young and growing family to care for, every day is a battle for him.

Grimes’ future with the show is in a bit of a murky situation with the way that the third season ends. We last see Kayce taking cover behind a desk as gunmen advance upon him. His status is left completely up in the air and he could be dead or alive entering the fourth season. The same can be said for his father, John Dutton, and his sister, Beth Dutton.

Discovering the fates of the Dutton family will be a huge part of the upcoming fourth season of “Yellowstone.”

The same can be said about figuring out who is behind the attacks and how the Duttons will seek revenge.