‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why Fans Think There May Be a Spy at Dutton Ranch

by Will Shepard

The fourth season of Yellowstone is coming soon, and fans can’t wait. Ranchhand Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, is one of the only members of the Dutton ranch to be unharmed after season three.

However, some fans of the show think that Rip Wheeler might be killed in this fourth season. In fact, people believe that Walker might be setting up to kill Wheeler. For the record, Walker is played by Ryan Bingham.

While season three was a rollercoaster of emotion for fans, John and Beth Dutton are both suspected to be alive. Kayce Dutton was also targeted by the anonymous assassins. But, fans are having a tough time pinpointing who could have done this.

Is There a Dutton Ranch Spy That Is Going To Kill Rip Wheeler?

Rip is the only one healthy Dutton ranch hand remaining, and it is widely anticipated that he will get revenge. However, there is a looming feeling that he too, might be getting killed during season four.

In particular, Walker is the prime suspect. Walker is a convicted criminal and suspect number one for taking down Dutton ranch’s top hand.

Walker was introduced to Yellowstone during season one to the Dutton ranch. During that season, Rip Wheeler took him on as an apprentice, helping Walker prove himself.

However, the two collide later on in the series. Additionally, there is a chance that the two could butt heads once more in season four, with far more serious consequences.

Walker is known to cause trouble wherever he goes, specifically at the Dutton ranch. And people are taking this to heart, saying that it is crazy that the Dutton ranch hands didn’t kill him off.

What Will Happen In Season Four

Moreover, some fans think that Rip Wheeler will either be dead or in jail before the end of season four. Walker is the proverbial fox in the hen house right now. There is a lot of chaos that he can wreak on the Dutton ranch as a whole. Not that it needs more than it’s already gotten.

People think that Walker can go one of two ways. Either he can team up with Rip to help the quest to avenge the rest of the Dutton ranch, or turn on Rip and kill him. It seems that people think there isn’t an in between.

Additionally, it appears that Rip has brought on a lot of these problems with Walker himself. Importantly, when Rip picked up Walker from prison, he made it very clear that Walker isn’t right for the Dutton ranch brand. It also doesn’t help that Walker seems to have a love interest in Beth Dutton.

It is important to note that Rip’s character has developed immensely over the course of the show. Some fans think that it goes to show that he won’t be killed off. But this is Yellowstone, and anything can happen.

Cole Hauser has been working hard on perfecting his character. His hard work has shown in his work as Rip as a ranch hand, and especially as his character’s love for Beth Dutton.

Viewers are excited to see what happens between Rip and Walker in season four. It can’t come soon enough.