‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Do the Characters Compare to Real Life Residents in Montana?

by Katie Maloney

So, let’s be real. Most of us aren’t extremely wealthy ranchers patrolling our land in Montana. No matter how much we’d love to be. Nevertheless, there’s something truly relatable about the Dutton family. Maybe it’s their drive to protect their legacy, maybe it’s the family drama, maybe it’s the fact that each person (as dysfunctional as they may be) really is doing what they feel is right. Whatever it is, “Yellowstone” fans can relate. But can Montana natives relate to the characters on the show? Are real Montana locals like the Duttons?

Fans weighed in on the topic via a “Yellowstone” Reddit thread. One fan wrote, “I’m curious how close are the accents and demeanor of the residents like the portrayal in the series.”

Are the ‘Yellowstone’ Characters Really Like Montana Locals?

One Montana local and “Yellowstone” fan shared their thoughts.

“I live in MT. Wouldn’t say there is an accent here. Pretty standard Midwest I guess,” they wrote. “Anti authority, yes. But no one could get away with the shit they do. Don’t know much about the livestock authority, but it is still the good ole boys club here.”

They also added that the infectious disease the bison contracted on the show is a very real thing out west.

“The part about the brucellosis in bison is spot on. They kill bison that leave Yellowstone National Park in fear of that,” they wrote.

The theme of questioning authority was something almost all the “Yellowstone” fans and Montana locals could agree on.

Another fan wrote, “My cousin’s husband is from Montana. And a guy from Montana came to my tent at the farmers’ market. He said the anti-authority attitude is exactly correct.”

Another fan could only guess what Montana was like based on the “Yellowstone” depiction of Texas.

“Never been to Montana but found it hilarious how they characterize Texas during that one scene with the horses. lol I guess they view Texans as loud and abrasive (maybe true). So, Montana is probably a low key version of that.”

Another theme portrayed on the show is that of big corporations moving into the state and buying up land for profit. The Reddit users said that both Montana and its neighboring state Wyoming have struggled with that.

One fan wrote, “When I was in Montana and Wyoming most of the locals were talking about Californians coming in buying up all the lots and acreage They would say ‘Don’t California my state.”

Having just visited both Montana and Wyoming last month, I can confirm that there are billboards, t-shirts, and other merchandise that say “Don’t California my state.” We know that Piper Perabo’s character’s protests against the Dutton’s ranch play a big part in “Yellowstone” season four. So, maybe we’ll see counter-protests using that same “Don’t California my state” slogan.