‘Yellowstone’ TV: Forrie J. Smith Compares Finn Little’s Character to Jimmy

by John Jamison

Finn Little’s addition to the “Yellowstone” cast ahead of Season 4 has fans making all kinds of comparisons. His Carter character’s path seems to resemble Rip Wheeler’s beginnings on the Dutton Ranch. Though, some have suggested that Carter is being brought in as a potential replacement for Jimmy Hurdstram. In a new Instagram video, some of the show’s stars, including Lloyd actor Forrie J. Smith, talk about Little’s place on the ranch.

So how does the limited information we have about the new Carter character stack up to what we already know about Jimmy (Jefferson White)? For one, Carter admits that he has been “robbed” of his options. In that, Jimmy and Carter are alike. Where they differ, however, is that Jimmy did it to himself.

From what we know about Finn Little’s character, he’s an orphan with no one left to look after him. Jimmy, on the other hand, had his grandpa. But even with that, Hurdstram couldn’t stay out of trouble. He fell in with drug dealers and was fortunate to have enough love in his life to be afforded a second chance with the Duttons. He’s even found a father figure in Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd.

In the new Instagram video, Smith compares Jimmy to the younger Carter.

“He’s not quite the crushed soul that Jimmy was when he came. He’s more of an innocent, open slate,” says Forrie J. Smith.

Again, we don’t know too much about Carter’s background. But his age would support a considerably more innocent past. Then again, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) lost his innocence at a young age. We’ll take Smith’s word for it, though. Carter is no Jimmy and hopefully comes to the Duttons on better terms than Rip.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Got Worked Up Reading the Script for Season 4

The new cast additions, including Finn Little’s Carter and Piper Perabo’s activist character Summer Higgins, are enough to get fans excited for the potential of “Yellowstone” in Season 4 and beyond. But when existing cast members get their heart rates up from simply reading a script, you know it’s going to be good.

Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bentley spoke on the thrilling nature of the upcoming season during a trailer for “Yellowstone” Season 4 recently.

“Where we pick up is right where we left off. The action of the scene is [in] real-time. My heart was pumping just reading it so I think it’s going to be pretty spectacular to see,” said Bentley.

“They’ve amassed quite a list of enemies. It could be anyone involved in Broken Rock. It could be big-money players trying to bring ski resorts. [And] it could be small-time criminals looking for retribution. Or, It could be someone right in their own living room,” he continued.