‘Yellowstone’ TV: How John Dutton Hid Jamie Secret So Long

by Thad Mitchell

It is hard for “Yellowstone” fans to believe but we are nearing the end of the hit Paramount Network series’ fourth season.

While we are sad that the latest season is coming to an end, the level of excitement is rising for the finale. “Yellowstone” always seems to have a trick up its sleeve to close out seasons. We all still remember how the third season came to a conclusion with one of the best cliffhangers in television history. We don’t know what “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan has in store for us, but you can bet that it will be fantastic.

With the end now firmly in sight, “Yellowstone” fans are reviewing previous episodes with the hope of finding hidden clues. They are also collecting thoughts from their fellow “Yellowstone” fans on some of this season’s top moments. Plenty of questions still exist and in a recent Reddit thread, fans tackle one of the show’s biggest mysteries. How did John Dutton keep his son, Jamie Dutton, in the dark regarding his adoption for so long?

“How Was John Able To Keep Jamie Being Adopted A Secret For So Long?” the “Yellowstone” fan asks. “Seriously, for a man that is supposed to be well known, you would have thought the town would have been talking about how he took in Jamie all these years? Wouldn’t Lloyd have known? And why the secret?”

It is a fair question and it could be one that we get an answer to in these final episodes. Jamies doesn’t find out about his adoption until the back end of the third “Yellowstone” season. His biological father later reveals that his mother was a drug addict and that he killed her to try and give his son a normal life. He was adopted as an infant.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder One of the Series’ Biggest Mysteries

“Yellowstone” fans have plenty to say about the deeply strained relationship of John and Jamie Dutton. It is one of the most heavily debated situations among the massive fan base.

One fan says the answer is quite simple, speculating that Jamie never needed his “long-form” birth certificate.

“We discussed this a few weeks ago and we all settled on the fact that he needed his long-form birth certificate which contains all the original information,” the Reddit user says. Short forms, which are commonly accepted for passports and licenses, will contain amended information if there is an adoption.”

This is certainly a reasonable and logical explanation and could very well be correct. Still, “Yellowstone” fans are likely to continue debating the topic.

The relationship between John and Jamie was hit with another twist this “Yellowstone” season. John Dutton is running for Montana Governor just to keep his adopted son out of office.

John isn’t likely to win a “Father of the Year” award, but the man certainly knows politics.