‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is the Series Going to Be on Paramount Plus?

by Thad Mitchell

One of the most popular shows currently on television, “Yellowstone” is likely to make its return soon.

The show has a robust fan base looking forward to the return of the show, now heading into season 4. Yellowstone faithful are passing the time until the show returns by coming up with theories on how it will go.

Some fans think the entire Dutton clan will return alive after an ambush in the third season finale. Others think at least one Dutton is dead after coming under siege at the end of the season. Many believe it will be ranch foreman Rip Wheeler and Kayce Dutton who extract revenge on the attackers.

Other fans are just now getting caught up on the third and previous season with limited options to view episodes. That could very well be changing in the near future as Paramount Network plans a streaming service.

‘Yellowstone’ Will Be Available on New Paramount Plus

The series was renewed for a fourth season in early 2020 and filming only wrapped up a short time ago. Though the shows have been made available for fans overseas, the only service that currently streams Yellowstone is NBC Universal’s Peacock service.

Now, Paramount Network plans on launching their own streaming service called “Paramount Plus.” While it has yet to officially launch, network officials say it will carry a variety of Paramount’s programming. Yellowstone fans will be pleased to know that their favorite modern western television show will be available on Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus will also host content from Viacom CBS, CBS and Showtime, according to Express.

Yellowstone left fan on the edge of their seats in the final installment of the third season. Three members of the prominet Dutton family came under attack and it isn’t clear who survived and didn’t survive. There is also no shortage in motives and a number of characters could have been behind the ambush.

Much of season 4’s plot is expected to revolve around just who carried out the attacks and what the Duttons plan to do about it. As we have seen in previous seasons, the Duttons are a vengeful family and you can bet they will be looking for justice.