‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is the Show Going to Adopt the ‘Same Family History’ as ‘Blue Bloods’?

by Katie Maloney

Could new “Yellowstone” cast member Finn Little play the Dutton grandchild no one knew about?

As if “Yellowstone” season four didn’t promise to be exciting enough, the show is also introducing another new character, Carter. Carter will be played by young Australian actor Finn Little. Carter is reportedly taken in by the Dutton’s after Beth decides that the ranch is the best place for him to grow up. But what are Carter’s origins? Some believe his story will be similar to young Rip Wheeler who joined the farm after escaping a near-death experience with his abusive father. However, some “Yellowstone” fans have a different theory. And the theory is a juicy one! In fact, it ties in the storyline from another one of our favorite shows, “Blue Bloods.”

During its 10th season, “Blue Bloods” introduced the character of Joe Hill. Hill turned out to be the newly discovered son of Joe Reagan, Frank Reagan’s deceased son. Fans immediately loved watching the family navigate life with a new relative. Now, “Yellowstone” fans are wondering if a similar storyline could pop up during season four.

“The child no one knew about was such a great plot twist on ‘Blue Bloods’ and I thought it could work nicely on ‘Yellowstone’ too,’ they wrote via a Reddit thread. “Sadly, speculating is all we can do for the next two or three months.”

Another fan agreed that this could be a plausible “Yellowstone” storyline.

“What if ‘Yellowstone’ adopts the same family history as ‘Blue Bloods’? ‘Blue Bloods’ introduced Joe Hill, the son of deceased Joe Reagan. He was a son Joe didn’t know he had,” they wrote. “‘Yellowstone’ could introduce a son Lee had and didn’t know about. I’m sure Lee, Kayce and Jamie had no problem finding women.”

Could Carter Actually Be a Long Lost Dutton Relative on ‘Yellowstone’?

Lee Dutton is the oldest son of the Dutton family. He was well-groomed to take over the ranch. Unfortunately, he was killed shortly after his introduction during the very first episode of “Yellowstone.” However, it’s totally possible that he fathered a child he didn’t know about before his passing. And the same could also be said for Kayce and Jaime. So, could Carter be a recently discovered Dutton grandchild?

One fan didn’t even bother to weigh in. Instead, they focused on the excitement of “Yellowstone” secrets.

“Very intriguing,” they wrote. “…another secret we can look forward to.”

Meanwhile, another fan posed an entirely different storyline for young Carter. The fan suggested that Carter could be the little boy in the car that John Dutton pulls over to help (before being shot) at the end of season three.

“Wonder what happens to the little boy in the car that John (and the boy’s mother) got shot at, when RIP finds John?”

We’ll just have to wait for the season premiere of “Yellowstone” to find out!