‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jamie Dutton the ‘Villain’ in the Family?

by Jon D. B.

Love him or hate him, Jamie Dutton is one of the most fascinatingly complex characters on Yellowstone – and that’s saying a lot.

For all his faults and strengths, viewers still cannot decide whether Jamie Dutton is a force for good or evil. Is the adopted son of John Dutton only doing what he feels to be right? Is he only out for himself? Or is he truly a villain to the family?

If you often find yourself pondering these very questions while watching, you’re far from alone. Reddit’s Yellowstone forum is constantly a’light in fiery Jamie Dutton discussion.

As such, it’s become a prominent fixture of the fandom – especially when it comes to discussing hot topics such as this one. We’re joining in to do just that and hopefully shed a little light on the Jamie Dutton conundrum.

Most recently, the 10k+ Yellowstone community is acting on a prompt from redditor King_Baboon. His stance on Jamie?

“I don’t think Jamie Dutton is the villain in the family,”

He states as his discussion title. “If anything I think he’s more of a product of how he was raised.”

“Jamie made a horrible decision by not telling Beth that she would be made barren after the abortion. I don’t think he did it out of disdain for Beth. Like John, he put the ranch and the family name first,” he continues. A hard start if you’re trying to justify him making that decision for Beth, but go on…

“John saw Jamie’s talents and put him through Ivy League law school for the benefit of the Ranch. John uses Jamie as a tool to benefit Yellowstone,” his prompt defense continues. All very true.

All in all, the redditor thinks Jamie “feels lost, undervalued and doesn’t feel like a son to John. With constant antagonizing from Beth and being used by John, those two essentially created the what Jamie is becoming. Add that Jamie connected with his real father – Jamie is vulnerable to what his real father is saying to him. Yeah, Jamie does stupid sh*t when painted in a corner, but I believe his family (John and Beth) weaponized him and helped create the monster. I fully expect John to take blame for Jamie’s recent and future actions.”

Moreover, he claims that “Beth is terrified of Jamie because she knows what he’s capable of.” In contrast, he believes “Jamie still considers Kasey his brother and am interested to see what becomes of those two.”

As are we.

“I kind of sympathize for Jamie,” he concludes.

Yellowstone Fans Tend to Sympathize with Jamie

Shockingly (for some), the majority of Yellowstone fans who respond do so with sympathy for Jamie Dutton. While he has made terrible mistakes, there is no denying that he has tried to do good, as well. Trying to be good amongst the Dutton family, however, is like trying to put out a fire with matches.

To this end, theschaef responds “None of these people are angels. Even John has done some pretty tough stuff. We’re just on his side because we’re invested in his primary motivation: the ranch and its preservation.” Too true.

“That to me is what makes this show so well done,” theschaef continues. “Just about everyone has done something no boy scout would do, and just about everyone has a story or a goal that you could put yourself in their shoes. Not a lot of shows have that kind of depth.” We couldn’t agree more.

The majority of fans are in agreeance here, too. Every top comment comes in support of Jamie Dutton. Topping them off is Native_Jax:

“Finally, someone who agrees with me! I really can emphasize with Jamie character,” they reply, setting the tone for most of the responses.

“So agree! I feel horrible for Jamie for a lot of the show,” agrees xsmAshley. “He should have definitely told Beth what was going to happen, and at the same time maybe she should have dealt with it herself? She did ask him for help, she’s not completely innocent in this.”

Again, we’re not sure placing blame on Beth for any of the events that transpired in their teens is the way to de-villainize Jamie. But if this goes to show anything, it’s that fans are far from one-sided on the legacy of Jamie Dutton so far.