‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jimmy Actor Jefferson White Has Epic Response to Tim McGraw’s ‘1883’ Casting

by Thad Mitchell

You might have a hard time finding someone who isn’t excited by the “Yellowstone” spinoff casting news put out earlier this week.

The first cast members of the Yellowstone prequel “1883” were announced earlier this week and it threw fans into a tizzy. The show will star country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in the leading roles.

The music industry icons will be playing James and Margaret Dutton, the ancestors of the Dutton family we know and love. Both superstars announced their casting on the show with social media posts. “Yellowstone” fans immediately went nuts over the surprise announcement and excitement for the show is at a fever pitch. As the additions of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill weren’t enough, a legendary westerns actor is also joining up. Sam Elliott is also set to play a major role in “1883” and he is a natural fit for the show. Fans have been clamoring for Elliott to join the “Yellowstone” cast since the first season.

But fans aren’t the only ones expressing excitement over the “1883” casting news. Several of those already in the “Yellowstone” Universe are also thrilled with the cast selections. One of those is actor Jefferson White, who plays ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom on the show. Jefferson properly welcomed new cast members in Tim McGraw’s role revealing social media post.

“The legend!” Jefferson writes in McGraw’s post’s comments section. “Can’t wait!!”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Approve of ‘1883’ Casting

The “Don’t Take the Girl” and “Live Like You Were Dying Singer” made the casting announcement earlier this week.

“So excited I can finally share this,” the country star says. “I’m joining the Dutton family in the Yellowstone prequel, 1883, coming to Paramount Plus! And my incredible wife Faith Hill will be playing Margaret Dutton!”

As you can tell by the well over 100,000 like the post got, “Yellowstone” fans are over the moon. Among those thousands upon thousands of “likes” is John Dutton himself, Kevin Coster. The star says “Dutton looks good on you” in the post’s comments.

Faith Hill also revealed her cast inclusion at around the same time as her husband. The couple also included a photo of the show’s initial script just to prove they are being serious. Hill also got thousands of “likes” and appreciation from the fan base and the “Yellowstone” Universe.

“Finally the day has come when I get to share some exciting news with you!” Hill says in the post. “I will be playing Margaret Dutton, the original matriarch of the Dutton family in the Yellowstone prequel ‘1883.’ Just wait, you have never seen anything like this!”

Filming for “1883” is set to begin in the near future in Fort Worth, Texas.